Slimming World Chickpea Patties

I made these the other day because I was looking for something savoury to snack on that wasn’t crisps or overly processed.

So I did a bit of Googling and fell upon this recipe:

One word of warning, if you like a bit more spice, go right ahead and add to your taste. I love my hot and spicy and have to say the amounts in this recipe left a lot to be desired.

I never learn my lesson with Slimming World Recipes because I always have to add more garlic and chilli.

They were quite easy to make and I was rattling away dreaming of tasting them until I read the bit about ‘chill in fridge for 4-5 hours or overnight’….Of course I don’t read the recipes beforehand, what dya take me for??

So I put the mixture in the fridge with serious sadface and leapt on them 2 days later (I forgot it was in the fridge), mixed up the patties, separated into 12 and stuck em in the oven for 35 mins (my oven takes a bit longer to cook).

Got them out and tasted them and although they weren’t as crispy as I’d like (think I used too much potato), they were actually really lovely.

VERDICT: These are perfect when you’re sick of crabsticks and don’t want another bag of Quavers for fear of overdosing; they have a nice bit of spice and last all week to grab and snack. I’ve got a tub in the fridge at work and a tub in the fridge at home, so I’m never without a savoury snack!

I’d love it if you gave these a go and then let me know how it went for you. 🙂






Low Syn Slimming World Treats

Sometimes, the syn free stuff can get stale and although I no longer attend Slimming World, I still loosely follow the plan because it still helps me.

So here are my low syn treats when an apple or carrot stick just won’t cut it.


  • Curly Wurly 26 grams- 6syns
  • Mikado – 1 stick 0.5 syns
  • Freddo Original- 5 syns
  • Chomp-5.5 syns
  • Fudge- 5.5 syns
  • 2 finger Kitkat- 5.5 syns
  • Alpen Light Bars-3 syns each
  • Milkybar-13.5 gram bar is 5.5 syns
  • Milkyway 21.5 gram- 5 syns
  • Ferrero Rocher- 1 for 3.5 syns
  • Aero Milk Chocolate Mousse- 5 syns, mint one is 5.5 syns
  • Jelly tots -3.5 syns
  • Dairy Milk Buttons-4 syns
  • Walnut Whip- 8syns
  • Cadburys Creme Egg – 9 syns (but SO WORTH IT)
  • Pink and Whites Wafers-2.5 syns
  • Hartley Sugar Free Jelly- 0.5 syns
  • Cadburys Animal chocolate biscuits 22gram bag- 5 syns
  • Soreen Lunchbox loafs- 4.5 syns
  • Penguin Chocolate biscuit bar- 5.5 syns
  • Cadbury Twirl 21.5 gram bar- 6 syns
  • Kinder Bueno twin bar- 6 syns per bar
  • Fibre One bar Chocolate- 4.5 syns
  • Bounty Milk Chocolate Bar- one half is 7 syns
  • Maltesers 37gram bag – 9.5 syns
  • McVities Jaffa Cake Bar – 5syns
  • McVities Chocolate Hobnobs- 4.5syns
  • Muller Light Chocolate fix – 5 syns
  • Muller Light Chocolate Fix Layers- 3.5 syns
  • Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn Sweet ‘n’ Salt 17gram bag – 4 syns



  • Wotsits- 4.5 syns
  • Quavers 20gram bag- 4.5 syns
  • Cheetos- 3.5 syns
  • Walkers Baked crisps- 5.5 syns
  • Sunbites- 6syns
  • Walkers Squares-5.5 syns
  • Hula Hoops Puft- 3.5 syns
  • Snaps Crisps- 3 syns
  • Skips- 4.5 syns
  • Walkers French Fries-4.5 syns
  • Beef & Pickled Onion Space Raiders 13gram bag – 3 syns
  • Velvet Crunch Crisps- 4syns
  • Laughing Cow light Original Cheese triangle- 1.5syns
  • Mugshots- all free except Thai Style which is 0.5 syns
  • Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom- 7 syns (these are quite high in salt though)
  • Dairylea Dunkers Jumbo Tubes 47gram- 6syns
  • Dairylea Dunkers Breadsticks 47gram- 5.5syns


If there’s any more you think I should add to this list, let me know and I will add more as I think of them too. I might even set up a treat box with some of these like I’ve seen other people do.

Also, please double check these on the SW app as syn values do change over time and mine may not be accurate a few months down the line. 🙂

Speak soon lovelies



Life Update: Marriage and Weight Gain

As the title suggests, this is both a positive and kick up the bum post.

I need to get it out or I’ll explode. So first the good; I GOT MARRIED!

WOOOOOOO! After nearly 9 years I finally got hitched to Mr Fisher and I could not be happier.

Here are just a few pics of the amazing day.















It was a wonderful day and soo many people came.

And now the not so good.

I am really struggling with this healthy living lark.

In the lead up to the wedding I had something to aim for because I needed to make sure I could fit into my dress but I had been struggling for a while  if I’m being honest with myself.

Firstly, this has nothing to do with quitting Slimming World as that was making me miserable; that was obsessing TOO MUCH about the scales, which isn’t healthy either in my opinion.

I know living healthy will help me live longer but something just isn’t clicking for the long-term in my brain at the moment.

At the weekend,we did our weekly shop and along with all the typical salad that is a regular in my trolley now, we picked up some indian starters, not just 1 or 2,4 different varieties and about 6 of each. Then I fancied one of those packs of mediterranean meats; you know the ones that have fat in them like serrano ham and such like. So I grabbed a huge pack because they were the only ones that had variety and because we had that, we got a pizza to put some of the meat on. (I NEVER BUY PIZZA IN THE SUPERMARKET)

I feel like I’m losing control of my ability to say no, or my ability to balance out the bad with the good. I was pretty good last week because when I’m at work, I have routine, but it gets to Friday and its like I let my cares disappear and shovel whatever I can in my mouth.

I feel like if Lee’s having something, then I want it too because I don’t want to miss out. I HATE MISSING OUT,especially when it comes to food.

I know I should draw a line under it and enjoy those little wobbles because life is about balance, but I can see my body shape changing and not for the better. 😦

I’ve worked so frigging hard but it seems to be getting really hard for me to keep my healthy food in check.

My little sister is joining Slimming World with my mum on Wednesday, so I’m hoping they can give me some motivation because I don’t want to go back up into the next stone bracket because I’ll feel like I’ve failed.

I’m trying not to use the scales too much but I need to get over myself and see what the damage is, and take my measurements again to see where I am with things.

I need help. How do you get back on it if your brain has basically given up and every time anyone offers you anything remotely naughty,you say yes straight away.

PLEASE HELP, I am seriously struggling :((



5 days to go

Hi Lovelies,

I know its been a while and I do apologise but let’s get a move on eh?

I get married in 5 days and cannot believe how stressed I feel. I am trying to do what I can to remain calm but I’m a naturally anxious worrier, so it’s proving difficult.

It doesn’t help that I’ve had a few last minute guest cancellations but hey ho, there we go eh?

So to try and keep calm, I have been listening to meditations for the past week or so, putting lavender oil and spray on my pillow and wrists before bed but am not really sure what else to do.

Most of the stuff is organised so there’s not a lot to do on that side of things so I’d love some tips if anyone who is a natural worrier has gotten married and can give any advice?

My mind is full of ‘what if’ scenarios that if they were to happen, I can’t do anything about it but my mind still thinks up all sorts of weird and wonderful events that could steer the wedding day off course in some way or another.

I’m stopping at my mums the night before, so I know a night away from my bed isn’t the best thing but hoping that a night at my mums (my childhood home) will help keep me calm.

It’s amazing how many problems create themselves when you know you have a day planned out in a certain way.

Hope to hear from you lovelies soon!







I have news…It’s pretty big, but I can’t tell you yet because I have to wait…

Don’t ya just hate it when someone does this?

Me to but it’s my news and I have to keep it a secret for just a little bit longer.

I haven’t even told my family. The only two people who know are my best friend Charley and my other half Lee…well Lee accidentally told his mum because he didn’t realise he needed to keep it a secret but that’s ok.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to tell you this week because I’ve had to keep quiet about this for almost 6 weeks and I am NOT GOOD at keeping secrets.

OOOOOO the suspense is killing me!

For now I’ll leave you with a happy Wednesday picture of me with one of my many cuppas and a brand new red blouse with foofy sleeves (completely LOVE by the way)

Hope you’re all doing well lovelies, off for a swim later and hope you’re smashing your targets whatever they may be.

Ooo before I go, I found these the other day while looking for some paperwork and was absolutely gobsmacked…

I can’t even remember being that big and could not believe what I was seeing. There is a lot of sadness in those eyes and I know more than anyone how hard it is on this journey.

For anyone who’s joined my journey of late, it never gets any easier, I don’t care what anyone says. There is ALWAYS that mental battle going on with food, but it’s about how we respond to it and how we build on it.

Remember, I’m always here if you are struggling or need that extra bit of support. I would appreciate the support too because a lot of people think that it’s just easy for me now I’ve done the hard work. But they don’t see the sweat pouring out of me at the gym, or the amount of times I tell myself no to thoughts of bingeing on crap.

They just see a slimmed down version of Tasha who seems to be flying through this healthy journey.

But it never ends, the journey is always continuing on.




9 Stone lighter; what a difference!

Why hello my little squishy pets of loveliness! (Sorry, trying something new)

As it’s Wednesday, I would ordinarily be going to Slimming World; however, if you read my post on Monday, you’ll know that I’m taking a break.

So, instead of sitting in image therapy for an hour, I thought I would do my own little Tasha therapy here.

Here are my Top 10 things I love doing now I’m 9 stone lighter

  • Being able to shop anywhere and buy something in my size
  • Wearing some of my old size 24 clothes and loving the snugglyness
  • The ability to walk uphill at a moderate pace without breaking a sweat
  • Learning to cook new meals and choosing new ingredients to spice them up!
  • No longer having ‘aggressive boobs’ as my step daughter puts it
  • Able to sleep on my back without feeling claustrophobic
  • I can actually plank for 1 minute 30 seconds now..WTF!
  • Feeling like a normal person who isn’t being stared at everywhere she goes
  • Being able to wear fitting clothes and not hide my figure

All of these combined make me feel like a new person; I love being able to walk down my local high street and not feel the dread that I used to feel wondering what people thought as I walked past. The constant pulling down of my top and pulling up of my jeans to make sure my belly wasn’t hanging out. Never having to worry about getting left behind whilst out walking with a friend or sibling, now I’m in front! Being able to shop anywhere I like and able to buy anything off the peg, even Topshop (their clothes are horribly expensive and I will never purchase from them at those prices however!).

I finally feel normal, whatever that’s supposed to be. I only ever wanted to look like everyone else, and, I know that’s the wrong way of putting it because I embrace individuality as much as the next person. But I felt like I stuck out and was an eyesore; I felt apologetic for looking the way I did and no one should ever feel that way.

I am learning to love myself and everything that I have in the present time, rather than thinking, ‘I’ll be happy when…’. It doesn’t work that way, we have to take the good with the bad and appreciate what we have already, not what we hope to have in the future.

So, in my current state, I love my waist, my eyes, my smile and I love my ever growing confidence that I can wear what I want and not feel silly.

What do you appreciate about yourself right now?



Time for a Revelation

Hiya lovelies,

How’re you doing?

I’ve been super busy working a wedding show last weekend and then subsequently ate my own body weight in takeaway. Mcdonalds, indian, chinese, indian again…you name it, I’ve eaten it.

Anyway, I’m back on the straight and narrow this week and have to tell you this as I feel like it’s a bit of a revelation.

Are you ready?

I’m taking a break from Slimming World.

Now I’m not saying I’ve quit and shouting hurray from the roof tops but I have to say it was messing with my mental state and I knew it was time to take a break.

I’m in a completely different stage of my journey now than I was when I first started this blog, and am focussing more on toning up and building muscle than weight loss. I feel comfortable in the fact that I can stick around 12 and a half stone for the rest of my life and still eat healthily with some naughty treats thrown in there too.

Yes it’s a constant battle and maybe I will go back to Slimming World after some time away, but for now I am going to try and stick to it my own way, without the constant worry about what the scales might say each week.

I’m going to get weighed maybe every 2 weeks and then try to move it to once a month and, ( I know I say this all the time) I’m going to take my bloody measurements and progress pictures because I have the shittest memory ever!

I hope that wherever you are on your journey, you’re smashing your goals but even if you’re struggling, that’s ok too.

I have been too hard on myself and have forgotten the amazing achievement of 9 stone loss. Yeah I know it’s not the magic 10 but is that extra stone gonna magically make me happier? No.

I thought I’d be happy at a 16-18 and then realised I could keep going, so I did.

And now I’m at a point where I want to try and build my strength and fitness and see if I can up those weights and build up my stamina running for longer periods of time.

These little goals are my new way of maintaining my health, so if I can eat healthy 80% of the time, I think we’re onto a winner, don’t you?