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Welcome to my Blog.


Hi Fellow Weight Loss Warriors! I’m Tasha and I am just a 27 year old fat girl wanting to live a happier, healthier life. I have started many blogs in the past but this one has key importance for me because it is an issue that lies very close to my heart. I have tried many diets as I have always been fat and, well, greedy. But the turning point came when my uncle died of a heart attack aged 64 in December 2013. He was massive and had to weigh over 30 stone; he couldn’t have heart stents put in because he was just so big and so the tragic inevitable happened and he died. It’s shameful that it took a family member dying to shock me into reality but that’s the truth of it. So this blog is basically me in a nutshell and my journey to a healthier, slimmer and more happy me.

Join me on my journey to get the weight off and live healthier!

Remember, if I can lose weight and try to keep it off, anyone can. Trust Me!



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