Gym Expense Shocker!

Hi lovelies,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

I had a bit of an epiphany this weekend (I know, I seem to have a fair few that I talk about on here).

I’ve been wanting to cancel my gym membership for a while as I feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my fitness and haven’t been enjoying it for a while. I’ve been there over 2 years, so I think I’ve done well to keep it up.

So I went yesterday fully intending to cancel; naturally they asked my reasons, so I was honest with them.

I explained that at £38 a month, I feel like I have to do all my exercise at the gym and if I want to try a class somewhere else, I can’t really afford it with my already expensive membership. I said that the classes that I want to do that the gym actually schedules, are always at a time when I’m at work, so I end up on a machine sweating away and not really enjoying it;that’s never a good sign.

She was really lovely to be fair but then also offered me a £29 a month saver rate if I wanted it….

I was shocked and thought about it for a second, then agreed to it as she said it would be for 6 months. But I couldn’t believe that I’ve been paying £38 all this time and all it took was a threat of cancellation and they throw me a £9 a month discount right off the bat!

What really irks me though, is why isn’t my membership that price regardless?!

I’m a loyal member and unless I had asked to cancel, this muggins over here would still be paying £38 a month for as long as they’d let me. They should reward their loyal members in my opinion to allow them to feel valued.

So I’m still at the gym (for another 6 months anyway) but am going to take advantage of their free PT session to show me how to use some of the equipment and also try and fit in some outside classes with the extra £9 outside of the gym.

There’s actually a fab looking clubbercise class that I really want to try, so I’ll let you know how that one goes when I’ve been. 🙂

Let me know how you’re getting in with your fitness routines, it might inspire me to kick my bum into high gear! 🙂





New Gym Equipment

I walked into my gym the other day after it had been refurbished and immediately got a sense of ‘I don’t belong here anymore’. Why is that?

I pay my £38 a month just like everyone else and yet in my brain, because everything was new and shiny, it instantly made me feel like I should walk out and go elsewhere.

They’ve got these new things called plyosoft boxes and sandbells and all this new stuff that I’ve only ever seen in Instagram videos that only the top buff fitness gurus know how to use.
Now my predicament is, I’d love to give this stuff a go but I have a fear of feeling stupid in case someone tells me I’m doing it wrong.

Now you’re probably thinking, after all this time, I should have conditioned myself not to give a shit what people think and give myself credit that I’m a fast learner.

Well everyone has those demons in their mind that makes them second guess what they should be doing and how they should be doing it.

And I guess I’m not different.

I’m going to task myself to ask a staff member to show me how to use some of the new equipment because;

A. I don’t want to hurt myself

B. I want to learn new fitness routines

Wish me luck lovelies and however you’re keeping fit, make sure you’re enjoying it!

SIMW (Slimming It My Way, for my new followers)


New Gymwear!

Just a quick post to say I got some new gym wear…hurray!

Well by gym wear I mean a pair of awesome workout spandexy tight things (what do you actually call them?!). At an absolute bargain these joggers were marked at £8 at Tesco, I took them to the till and they went through at £4.50!

BeFunky Collage

Bargain central!

They have a zip in the back for your phone and don’t go see through when you’re bending over (I had bright red stripy knickers on below these and Lee could not tell!) and they are really comfy. I thought I would sweat more because they’re full length but I need not have worried.

I felt a bit daft at first when I walked into the gym but then threw caution to the wind and got my sweat on!

I see so many people on Instagram and Twitter with their funky workout gear and wanted to join the party. So when Lee picked these up in Tesco to show me, I was so excited.

Some of you may think I’m daft for being excited about workout clothes but I think if you feel fab in your clothes, you will work harder at exercising. Personally, I’m one of those who looks at herself in the mirror at the gym to see what her workout clothes look like in different positions…don’t judge me! 😉

Have you found any bargains lately in exercise wear? I’m always looking out for new gym stuff! I think I’m obsessed with spandex…



Squats are Evil

Ok, so that’s just my opinion but how can so little of something hurt so much?

My Face in shock.

I went to the gym on Saturday and have been putting off bum/thigh exercises because I’m not very good at them. I know they should be done if I want to tone up my thighs but I just keep putting them off. I bit the bullet and decided to just do 3 sets of 10 squats with the lightest kettlebell.

The first set wasn’t too bad so I felt like I could do it.

The second set got harder and my legs were burning so much that I didn’t want to do the third set.

The third set was hard but I did it and was happy I had done all three.

Showing off my new gym wear from Get The Label

The only problem was that pretty much as soon as I got home, the tops of my thighs were hurting and I knew I was in for some pain! Forget about 2 day ache, mine was ouchy straight away! Then yesterday, we decided to tidy up all our kitchen cupboards and re-organise them. I went to kneel down on the floor and let out an almighty yelp as my thighs were screaming out in pain! Still today, when I have to bend down, I have to be careful to make sure I don’t hurt myself.

I only did a small amount but I suppose you have to start somewhere right? Maybe I shouldn’t have done as much (though I really think I kept it minimal) but I did what I felt was enough to ease myself in.

I think the moral of this story is, if you really don’t want to do something, then don’t. No one can force you and that’s ok. However, if you want the benefits of the thing you don’t want to do, then sometimes you just have to go with it and see how you get on.

Are there any exercises you really hate doing but know that the benefits outweigh the not wanting to do them?

No Pain, no gain I suppose!



My Exercise Must Haves

Well hello there my little lovelies!

As I’m back from my hols and back in work mode, I thought I would treat you to a hopefully inspiring post this Autumnal Monday to get your exercise juices flowing; my exercise MUST HAVES!

This post is only intended as advice and not something you have to stick by. I just find that all these things help me when exercising or going to the gym and make it more bearable and fun! 😀

  1. A GOOD sports bra!– This trumps everything else put together because it means you can run faster without hurting yourself and giving yourself black eyes! I got mine from Sports Direct and have linked for you to grab one! It also helps avoid achy boobs from high impact exercises.

2. Some empowering music on your MP3 player– I love this because it makes me feel like I can do anything. My fave song at the minute is Trouble by Jennifer Hudson and Iggy Azalea; makes me feel like I own it at the gym!

3. Bottle of water-pop tops are easier to use when you need a drink in the middle of a cardio exercise and can’t use both hands (this is super hard to do while on a cross trainer, believe me!).

4. Towel to wipe your sweat from your brow and off all the equipment you use- It’s nice to be hygienic and you wouldn’t want to get on that sweat ridden bike you just witnessed the guy with the low hanging fruit hop off of now would you? Eurgh!

5. Comfy trainers that will last a while.-

I got a pair of Karrimor trainers from Sports Direct when they were on sale and they are fab!These are the ones I have and they have little holes that get air to your feet too.

6. Bobbles/Scrunchies to tie your hair up– My mum has borrowed bobbles off me a few times if she has forgotten hers so I always keep a spare just in case.

7. Face wipes to take your makeup off– Sometimes I just leave it on if I don’t have a lot on but believe me, liquid eyeliner is the devil if you sweat. Get it in your eyes and you are done for!So just to be safe, wipe your makeup off before exercising.

8. A Trolley Dolly/A spare £1 for gym goers for lockers– This only applies if you use a gym but is more valuable than real money. Trolley dollies are the best thing ever!

9. Nice Breathable/Comfy clothing

I have a go to pair of lycra cut-offs and vest top as I get too hot with a big t-shirt on most of the time. However, if you’re not planning on running for your life and doing easier cardio, then a loose baggy top will be more comfortable to wear. I tend to get my sports wear from Sports Direct as its cheap and cheerful for exercising.I like lycra as it allows my legs to move more freely when jogging.:)

10. Positive Mental Attitude!– This is on a level par with the importance of your sports bra; without this it makes it a lot harder to focus. We all have those days where we really can’t be bothered and just want to go straight home but it’s THOSE DAYS when you have to push yourself to exercise. Big yourself up in your head if you feel fed up and tell yourself that you will feel so much better if you sweat it out a bit. You can do this, no matter how slow or fast you go, you are doing  a lot more than those laid on the sofa!

Those are my exercise must haves to cover all bases when exercising.Let me know if you think of any others I’ve missed off!

Speak soon lovelies! It’s good to be back! 😉



Spin Class!

Today I tried a new exercise…spinning.

I have heard stories about this before and how great it is for weight loss but also how difficult it is.

It’s basically cycling on a stationary bike to music whilst a super fit person at the front shouts at you (ok, gives orders of what to do next!)

To be completely honest I got a huge sweat on while doing it but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be.I took it easier than I would have at the advice of a woman and my sister next to me. So, for fear of hurting myself,I listened to them.

I enjoyed it but feel I could’ve pushed myself a bit harder but glad I didn’t for a first try.

The beauty of this though is that you feel AMAZING after.There is such a great atmosphere in the class because you’re all sweating together and the trainer really gets you going and encourages you to up your intensity.

I enjoyed it that much that I will be booking on one for next week!

If you’re considering a new exercise,I’d say go for it!It can boost weight loss and boost your mood too and it’s always good to refresh your exercise routine if you feel you’re not getting the same results you did when you first started.

We can get stuck in a rut with our exercise regime so it’s always good to change it up.

Book a spin class or kettle bells,try water aerobics or just try something new that you haven’t done before. I guarantee you will enjoy it,and if you don’t then try something else! 😉


Why won’t my loose skin tighten??

Hi Guys, hope you’re all doing well on this miserable Monday (It’s raining here).

Thought I would do a quick post to ask some advice.

I am at the point now where I feel I want to start focusing more on tightening my loose skin but am not entirely sure how to do it (if it’s even possible). I’ve never had this problem before as you can imagine. Is there a set regime I should be following to tighten my skin as much as possible without killing myself?

I know I still have weight to lose but I thought my skin would have shrunk a bit more as my weight loss has been gradual. I have lost nearly 7.5 stone but that has been over 18 months, so I feel that is a healthy, consistent weight loss.

My stomach hangs weird at the bottom and is very loose around that point.

If you’re easily put off then don’t look at the pics below but I am showing you because I am comfortable doing it. Here are a few pics of my concern areas:

My permanent stretch marks (I haven’t had any kids).
My bingo wings-though these have gone down, they don’t seem any more toned.

I know I will always have loose skin and stretch marks but is there a way I can get more toned while still losing weight?

I do weights every week but don’t really have a plan in place and just do what I feel I need to. Last week, I did some arm, shoulder and leg weights but not so much as to cause me agony. I’m still doing a lot of cardio as I still want the weight loss to happen but I wonder if I need a proper routine put in place for toning?I don’t really have issues with my legs; it’s my arms and my stomach. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength but am testing myself to do more weights but I don’t want to do too much so I end up hating it. That would suck.

My partner Lee says that people don’t see me with my clothes off and it doesn’t matter but I want to feel comfortable in myself.

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated as I really don’t know how to make my stomach look more tight and less wobbly!

Speak soon lovelies!