Healthy low calorie flapjacks

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about healthy foods and what to eat and healthy desserts and wanted to try a few new  recipes.

I came upon these low calorie flapjacks and thought I’d give them a go.

The original link to the recipe is here:

And here is my finished effort:

I think I should’ve taken them out of the oven a little sooner and did think the 40 minutes was quite a long time to bake. 

I added chopped walnuts,dried apricots and raisins and they are perfect.

According to slimming world,these are around 6 syns each but I made more than the recipe says so I’m gonna say they’re 4.5-5  syns.

The plan is to freeze some and defrost them as I want to eat them to save me stuffing my face with the whole lot 😂

Anyway I have these a try and they are lovely but definitely on the overdone side,

But they’re a nice change from the usual fruit and yoghurt as my dessert.

I want to try and stay interested in my food and try as many new things as I can so I’ve made a slimming world lasagne for the first time,these flap jacks and going to try and make some sort of jelly dessert this week too!

Anyway,I’m off for a well deserved bath ready for work tomorrow.Its a gym day so going to have a good sweat sesh!

I’ve also had a full week off alcohol woo! And going to try dry January to see if I can go the entire month off the pop.Lets see how it goes. 😊

That’s all for now lovelies,have a wonderful week making healthy choices and Il check back in with you soon!




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