For the Last Time

This will be the third, and hopefully the last time I write a post like this. I’ve been a naughty bugger again and haven’t been keeping you up to date.

As my previous post mentioned, I have been away for a while and can’t seem to get into a groove of blogging. Well I’m here to say that ends now.

I am sat with a nice lemon earl grey tea as I write this. 😊

I think the reason I have been absent is that I spend all day at a computer writing now for my job, so it feels like the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit at my laptop. But I know when I write for my blog,it helps get my mind in order and process everything a little easier.
So here’s a short update on things so we can move forward.

I have been driving for a few months now and it has been the best thing I ever did; I have my own little Citroen C4 in black with yellow car seat covers. It’s my bumblebee!

The job is still going fab, back to work tomorrow after the Christmas period spent well and truly off the healthy eating bandwagon. I have been back on it today though, which is a start.

I’m still at Slimming World, but am in two minds as to whether I should stick with it or do my own thing. I’m also still going to the gym and had a crisis of complacency about a month ago as to whether I should quit or not but that soon passed and I think I’ve got my mojo back.It’s the getting there that’s the problem mentally, but I always glad when I’ve been.

Anyway, back to the present. I get married on 10th June this year… YES I KNOW!  I can’t wait but there is so much to pay for and I’m beginning to wonder whether I should have waited an extra year. But the date is set, the venue is booked and I have to find a way to pay for it all now, so yeah, that’s where we’re at!

I AM going to update this blog on a more regular basis, I promise. Even if no one reads this anymore, at least I will feel better knowing I’m updating my Slimming It My Way journey. 🙂

On a side note,these muller light coffee yoghurts are bloody gorgeous! 

Every time I see them in shops,I grab em! I will add a few more posts in the coming days but for now just know that I am back for good this time and am here to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon!
Speak soon lovelies, and Happy New Year!




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