Weekly Weigh In 24/2/16

Hi there lovelies!

So if you all follow my Instagram and Twitter feeds you will know that I finally got a  loss this week and lost a total of 5lb.

WAHOOOOOO! I wasn’t sure how it would go because I had a few drinks over last weekend.

I haven’t lost that amount of weight for a very long time so it just shows that Slimming World and writing absolutely everything down and being completely honest about my syns has worked.

Lee also pointed out that half of it is from my Whitby gain so it’s really only a 2.5lb loss but I’m still happy. Even if I now lose a tiny amount each week, I’ll be happy. I’ve been eating loads and have written it all down, even the few bad bits I have had.

Some of my meals over the past week are below:

I have had a ton of fruit both for breakfast and to snack on to avoid reaching for the naughty stuff. I’ve missed being able to just grab a low calorie snack bar or bag of low cal crisps because according to the syn calculator, they’re quite high in syns, so this has taken some getting used to. However, it does force you to think more about what you’re putting in your body as you’re trying to keep within your syn count for the day.

I found it a little hard at first with Lee as he’s still eating the stuff I had started to eat again like garlic bread and naan bread but I have made myself salad with curry instead of a naan for example. Once I get it into my head, I don’t think about the absence of starch based foods but I have had days where I have wanted them but have made myself avoid them because although they taste nommy, they just don’t fill me.

Last night I had a jacket taty with beans and cheese (synned the cheese) and I really really enjoyed it because the cheese made it feel like it was bad for me.

I’m slowly getting used to it but it’s clear that I love my syns as I’m still having a lot of them. :/

So I’m going to try and stay as on track as much as possible for the next week and see where that takes me.

I have to say it’s so nice to feel in control again.Theres a lot to be said for saying no to things;it empowers you. No I will not have that garlic bread and no I will not have that chocolate!

If you’re on Slimming World or indeed whatever journey you’re on,how has your week been? Have you struggled with certain things or have you tackled it with vigour and come out on top?

I’d love to know as I think it helps if we share and help each other get motivated to have as healthy a week as possible!

Have a wonderful weekend guys and speak soon!




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