Career Aspirations

Good Morning Lovelies! Time for something a bit different.

I have decided that I am not going to let people tell me what I can and can’t do and have decided that if I want to make things happen, I have to do them myself.

There may not be endless marketing jobs in Barnsley but I am determined to find the right one and show off my talents.

I want to wake up every morning ready and raring to get into work and ready to start the day. We spend most of our lives at work so I deserve to have a job that utilises my talents and makes me smile when I wake up in the morning.

Surely it’s not that hard? So starting today I am going to look for something more fulfilling. I love my blogging and my current job pays the bills (I have no real qualms with my job) but it doesn’t fulfil me at all. I know so many people who love their jobs and don’t really see them as work and I want that so badly.

So if you are an employer in Barnsley looking for a writer/proofreader/social media promotion/marketing assistant then I’m definitely your girl!

I realise this is shameless and not really related to my blog but this is about my happiness and right now I am not happy. I have felt myself slipping into old habits and am not really enjoying the things that I used to.

I want more out of life than just living for the weekend. I want to live for the week too!

If you doubt my writing abilities then all you need to do is just read my blog. Seriously, it’s brill! (Hey if I don’t have confidence in my ability, who else will?)

If any of my local followers know of any opportunities then let me know, even if it’s something I can do in my spare time like guest-writing for websites or proofreading. I particularly need to build on my writing by writing for other outlets so I get all the experience I can but am open to other marketing opportunities.

Sorry to those who are looking for food/exercise/weight loss related posts today but it’s time I looked after my own happiness and I had lost sight of that.

Love you all.




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