Get The Label Review

Recently, I won a competition with my local radio station to spend £500 at I was ecstatic as I was in great need of some new clothes and shoes. At first glance, it looks like there are hundreds of brands like Converse,Rocket Dog and even Timberland to grab a bargain. However, upon closer inspection I realised that this website seems to have end of line stock with random sizes that are left over from the larger department stores.

After realising this, I had to look deeper to find clothes that may fit me. I wasn’t sure how large a size 14 would be and how small a 16 would be as there are a lot of brands on the site that I had never heard of, i.e; Club L and Brave Soul.

For my first order, I decided to grab a few pair of jeans, jumpers and dresses and also a few bits for family members for extra Christmas presents.

I put my order in on the 8th December and it took about 2 weeks to get to me. I have ordered since then and it didn’t take half as long but due to it being near Christmas and a rather large order, there was a delay. I mentioned this to the guys at Get The Label and they gave me a one-off free next day delivery code to avoid it happening on my next order; I thought that was pretty awesome!

Most of the things I bought fit well and the Vero Moda jumpers in particular are really comfortable and high quality so I would recommend these to anyone!

The material on the Vero Moda jumpers was super fluffy and soft and the jumpers had room to move so you didn’t feel too snug.

I also bought this gorgeous jumper with a detachable scarf:

Although it hasn’t been cold enough for me to wear it yet as it’s really thick and snuggly! Really good quality material but I got it in a size 16-18 as there was no way a 12-14 would fit (why don’t you have a 14-16?). So I’m looking forward to giving this a try on a super cold day.

Here are the dresses I got:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They all fit perfectly apart from the short sleeve burgundy dress with birds on the bottom part. I bought a size 16  (no 14’s available) and the top part is really baggy but with the belt on, its too tight. It’s almost as though they use the same belt regardless of the dress size.The black one with white detailing is really comfy with lots of stretch and a 14 would easily fit a size 16 if you’re struggling for sizes on the site.

The bright red 3 quarter sleeve dress fits brilliant.Untitled

It’s perfect for work and is cut just below the knee so looks quite professional. I feel like this may be too formal for weekend wear but if you want to dress up a bit to make yourself feel better, this’ll do the trick!

The jeans were a bit hit and miss for my size; I don’t like spending a lot on jeans because they are quite cheap in places like Primark and New Look. One of the pairs I got fit well but the other 2 pairs (despite being the same size) are just too tight at the minute. I was a bit disappointed as I urgently needed jeans more than anything but can currently only wear one of the pairs I bought.

Both the Vero Moda and Waven jeans are high quality but the Waven brand is stretchier material. The grey Waven jeans were high waisted and wouldn’t fasten so I’ll have to try and fit into these. The black Vero Moda jeans fit but aren’t comfy and the blue Waven ones (not pictured) were the only pair that actually fit perfectly. They were a similar style to the grey ones but not high waisted.

Out of everything I bought, these were the best buy.

These DC Super Woman pyjamas are the most comfiest pyjamas I have ever owned!I bought these in a 16-18 and the material is really floaty so I would recommend these for comfortable nightwear.

I also bought 2 pairs of shoes but forgot to take a picture of one of the pairs. This pair is a beautiful pair of Rocket Dogs.

I got these in a size 8 (monkey feet) and they are really good quality and quite comfortable. I’ll wear these with skinny jeans or leggings and a comfy top. It’s such a contrast to the other pair of Rocket Dogs I bought which you can find here.

GTL Stock photo

I had wanted a nice comfy pair I could wear for work and these really fit the bill. As soon as they arrived and I tried them on, there was this squeaky sound every time I walked.The heels were squishing down because they were hollow. I paid £30 for these so expected a solid heel. I was gutted because they look lovely but after wearing them for not even 2 weeks, the heel at the back has split. Now it may just be the pair I got but I won’t be buying another pair on the off-chance it happens again. I would say that if you’re above a size 12 then the weight will ruin the shoe, which is ridiculous because these are a good brand.

I also bought a few t-shirts for my nephews; a Converse one and a Ben Sherman one too. They are both really good quality and good value for the prices paid.

The last thing I got were a purple pair of mid-top Converse.


I have never owned a new pair of these so couldn’t wait for them to arrive. I expected these to be of a good quality and they did not disappoint!They fit well and are really comfy.

So that was my first order at Get The Label. I highly recommend the Club L and Vero Moda brands if you’re looking for high quality at good prices. Naturally the well known brands like Converse are always going to be a hit.

The website is good in general but if I had spent my own money, I don’t know if I would have bought some of the items,i.e shoes because I don’t like spending lots on one item (I like more for my money!) but most of the clothes were really good value. The website is really easy to navigate but I would say if you have your eye on something to wait a while as it will probably get reduced as stock goes down.

Get The Label may not have this season’s trends but if you want to update your wardrobe, there is so much for Men,women,boys and girls. I’m waiting on another order so will review those items when they arrive!

Speak soon lovelies and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in future.

*This post was my own opinion and in no way influenced by Get The Label.




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