Squashing my Inner Demons

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to touch base with you because I experienced something new last night.I went to the gym as normal and had nearly finished my cardio on the bike when a staff member came up to me. She said, ‘Just to let you know they’re starting an abs class by the mats in a few minutes if you would like to join in’. It was a bit of a coincidence because I was going to work out my stomach anyway.

So whilst on the last few minutes on the bike, I was trying to crane my neck round to see if there were any people of a larger size. When I finished I tentatively walked to the mats and to my horror there were two girls of quite a slim build; one of them looked like a bloody female Adonis! I very nearly walked off in the opposite direction but then checked myself and thought, ‘ I deserve to be here too!’. So I walked round where the personal trainer had already started with them and asked if I could join in. I had nothing to worry about because no one looked at me or laughed at me. Granted my poise was nowhere near the 2 girls next to me but I tried really quite hard!

We did all sorts of exercises that I have never done before and my body is aching today so I’m not looking forward to the 2 day ache! I stuck it out for 20 minutes until I had to leave as I was getting picked up. The trainer said they do them twice a day so I will definitely be giving it another go!

I just want to say don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, especially YOU! If no one else is staring at you or pointing an accusatory finger, why should you do that to yourself and put yourself down?

I had thoughts of, ‘oh my god they’re so skinny I’ll never be able to keep up with them’  and ‘I bet they do really hard exercises that I have no hope of doing’. Proof dictates that just because someone is slim, they’re not always fit. I am probably fitter than some of the slim people I see walking around so there is no reason I should stereotype them either.

It’s not fair to tell yourself that you can’t do something. You are the one person you should be able to count on for support; without that, you have nothing.

So next time you have doubts about your ability, check yourself and force those inner demons back down. You are so much more capable than you realise but only you can knock those barriers down and fight for your body.

Happy Friday guys and remember:





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