Whitby Goth Weekend Preparations and Weekly Weigh In

Good Morning to you my lovelies!

This past week has been mad busy for me as I have been getting ready for the upcoming Whitby Goth Weekend woooooooo! I am SUPER excited as I have never been before so don’t really know what to expect but am keeping an open mind.

I have started packing but my mum has specifically told me to pack light as she seems to think that cars are made out of paper and anything heavier than a feather will break it. There are 5 of us travelling and lets just say we’re all generously sized so that may have something to do with it!

I have spent days researching gothic makeup, hair and style ideas to figure out how to goth it up for the big weekend. I have this dress that you will have seen if you follow me on Instagram:


…and have bought this bolero to go over it but I plan on taking this off when inside  pubs so everyone can see the back of the dress. 🙂

Photo courtesy of ebay
Photo courtesy of Asos

I bought some fishnet tights like the ones above and already have some black boots to wear. I also have some of these skelebob hair clips that I’m going to try to work into my look:

Photo courtesy of Ebay

…and am going to attempt a go at this sort of makeup look:

hqdefaultor thismaxresdefault(both images courtesy of Google)

Basically come Thursday night, I will be mad trying out makeup looks to see which one looks best and attempt to do a decent liquid eyeliner! (I am terrible under pressure!)

I am also going to attempt to have my hair like this:

Photo courtesy of CreativeFan.com

It will be half pinned up and the rest down in ringlets (This will probably take me forever!) If I can get anywhere near this I will be really happy!

I have painted my nails like this ready for this weekend so may try and put red somewhere else in my outfit if possible.

That’s basically my look for the Saturday at the goth weekend, just because I cannot be bothered to make all that effort for the 3 days I’m there. I’ll just go all out for 1 day and be in comfortable alternative clothes for the rest of the weekend.

Has anyone been to Whitby Goth Weekend and do you have any recommendations of where to go to eat, drink and shop? I know its going to be super busy but I plan on buying a few special presents for Christmas and also shall stuff my face with seaside food! (doughnuts,ice-cream and fish ‘n’ chips I’m looking at you!)

On another note, this week’s weigh in was:

So that’s a loss of 2 lb which I wasn’t expecting as I had a takeaway on Friday and a big breakfast Saturday morning. It just shows that as long as you have a balance and don’t go overboard, you can still enjoy the naughty foods. I will just have to pull it back a bit after Whitby and not get carried away with all the lovely food! I also took my measurements last night and wrote them down in a book. The last time I had taken them was January this year and I have lost a fair few inches since then. I can’t tell you my measurements as I don’t have my book with me (yeah I know,what an idiot) so will add these and maybe update this post later!

Have a fab day lovelies and let me know your suggestions on where to go in Whitby!




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