Weigh Day Wednesday 21/10/15

Good Morning guys!

Quick question, do you think I should move the weigh-ins to just every other week? I feel like these posts aren’t gaining as much attention as maybe they used to, not really sure why but ah well. Anyways let me know your thoughts as I am thinking about incorporating my weigh in into other posts instead of just having one talking about my weekly weigh in.

Anyway, This past Sunday was my 26th Birthday! On Friday my sisters took me to Sheffield as a surprise but we ended up walking for about half an hour to find where the pubs they wanted to go were (that was good exercise). I didn’t drink a lot really, not really sure why but enjoyed myself and then ended on a McDonald’s (Big Tasty meal to be exact). Then on Saturday me and Lee stayed in and ordered a curry. I had a chicken Jalfrezi which was gorgeous!Lee had a spicy lamb Karachi I think which gave him the hiccups due to the sheer heat!

Then on Sunday, all my family came over with lots of presents and my two besties came too. They all devoured the cake my colleague had made me…

Though its clear why as it was beautiful! I have had a taste but not actually had a piece so I think that will be tonight’s treat after my driving lesson!I seemed to get wine from everyone so I must be giving off an alco vibe!

All in all I had a good birthday and realised just how much Lee, my family and friends love me. It really makes you appreciate the loved ones in your life when you see them all chatting and laughing at your house;best feeling ever!:)

I went to the gym Monday but only had a short session, then yesterday had about 50 minutes so exercise has been less than usual but I have tried to make up for it with my food (apart from birthday celebrations). Besides, there’s no point beating myself up about not doing enough because I did what I could with the time I had and that’s all you can ask for.

I found my measuring tape!

 So will take my measurements and then stick em up to begin the progress checking on this one. 🙂

This week’s weigh in was:

A good one! I’m back into the 13’s which means my holiday bloating has well and truly faded. Think that’s a loss of 2lb and a quarter. I am just aiming to lose a little every few weeks as I’m not working as intense as I used to. I’m trying not to push myself so hard at the gym but try harder with my food as that’s where I struggle.

I also booked my theory test so am going to have to focus more on that to pass rather than pounding it at the gym all the time. I kind of got a bit obsessed for a short while but feel I have a better balance now.

I’m doing well with not obsessing about the scales (even though I am still weighing in); I’m not letting the number affect me so much because it’s not a sprint is it?

I will get there when I get there and that takes so much pressure off. 🙂

Have a good day guys.




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