Back from Egypt!

Well hello there lovelies! I’m back from 
Egypt and had an epiphany. I like my squidgy body.This is hopefully the start of many body positive posts on my feed to promote body love no matter what your size.yes I have lost weight but I am happier with my body now than I have ever been and may not wish to lose much more weight as I feel comfy in my own skin finally after such a long time.whatever you decide to do,do it for yourself and no one else.we all end up in the same place anyway so may as well live life in style!  

So in true Tasha form here I am posing in today’s clothes!



 Today I am wearing comfy clothes as am still on holiday from work.The leggings are from Asda and jumper is from discount clothing company in Barnsley but I feel fab!

Show me your body love photos guys and girls!



P.S it’s great to be back!


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