Weigh Day Wednesday 9/9/15

Good Morning lovelies! How are you all? Are you super good and happy or are you a bit miserable because the weather (in the UK at least) has taken a turn for the worse and has gone a bit…meh.

I must admit I am finding those mornings harder to get out of bed as it’s getting darker. I don’t like it! Where has the summer gone?!

Anyway, onto this week’s progress. I started out putting it all in My Fitness Pal and was doing really well; even when my colleague brought me this beautiful slice of cake in that she had made just for me…

…it was as tasty as it looks! I put it all in My Fitness Pal app as I said I wasn’t going to lie to myself this week.

Then it was my mum’s birthday and so the obligatory piece of birthday cake was had at her house (it was like a door wedge in size!). I tried to keep my snacking to a minimum or at least reaching for healthy things. However, because we were running all over on Saturday getting last-minute holiday things, I seemed to grab quick things that involved bread. I had a breakfast sandwich at home (2 slices of bread), then a sweet chilli chicken sandwich from Asda ( 2 more slices of bread) and then made a curry Saturday night (1 massive naan to myself)… you get the picture. I felt stodged from carb overload.

Apart from those hiccups, I have been really good and exercised 4 days this past week. I still felt bloated (think my lady time may be due) and was not looking forward to getting on those scales.

I’m glad I did because I lost…2lb this week! Wahoooo!

What are the chances I’ll make it to 13 stone 6 3/4  by next Wednesday to get my 8.5 stone? I would have to lose 4lb in a week, which has happened in the past but I’m not even going to try and do that because I’ll be more annoyed if I don’t. So next week I’m just going to hope for another loss of any amount and see how I get on.

I will make myself continue to put it all in My Fitness Pal and see if I can make it to a full week of jotting it down this time!

How are your weight loss journeys going? Have you discovered a better way of living healthy? Do you obsess about certain things like I do? (I know it’s not healthy to obsess) Have you fallen off track and are trying to get back on it?

Let me know in the comments and hopefully we can all encourage each other to appreciate ourselves a little bit more and not be too hard on ourselves, whilst trying to live a healthier and happier life.

Speak soon lovelies!




2 thoughts on “Weigh Day Wednesday 9/9/15

  1. Great Job! I’ve lost 50lbs so far and losing the last 20 is proving difficult x I’ve maintained for the past 16 weeks now and it’s time I kick myself up the butt! Good luck on the rest of your journey xxxxxx

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