Weigh day Wednesday 8/7/15

Happy mid-week weight loss warriors! Hows your week going so far?

Mine has been ok apart from the weekend (as usual) but I already have plans in place to avoid yet another ruined week of healthy living. (To come in another post)

I got on the scales this morning and at first saw 14 stone 7 and a quarter lb’s (which means I would’ve maintained from last week);I was happy with this but as I always do,I moved the scales around a few more times (3 to be exact) and every time after, it came up with this:

ย So I’ve either maintained my weight or lost a lb.Either way I’m happy because its not a gain. ๐Ÿ™‚

This Friday I am going to TGI Fridays for my little sister’s birthday.I have never been before and looked at the menu yesterday to see what was on offer. Pretty much everything was meat covered in cheese or barbecue sauce so it’s safe to stay I will probably have over 1000 calories in one meal!

I’m not going with the hope of having a healthy meal because that’s just not going to happen but if I can be good for the rest of this week then Friday’s treat shouldn’t seem all that bad right?

I’ve heard the portions are massive so maybe me and Lee can share something? If you guys have been to TGIF let me know your thoughts so I know what I’m letting myself in for!

Til next week’s weigh in, speak soon lovelies!



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