Changing the way you think about food

This post is a bit of a hard one for me to write because most of you will probably think I have this healthy eating game down by now. Nope.

To be honest, I’m finding it really hard to stay on an even keel and can’t seem to kick my arse hard enough to remain on the happy nutrition bandwagon.

When I first started this journey, I put firm guidelines in place to cut down on chocolate and replace high calorie crisps and desserts with low-fat versions. I did this because I had read that cutting the bad stuff out completely makes it more likely for you to crash and burn later on (I had previous experience of this too).

I feel I am exercising enough as I stick to no less than 3-4 times a week and I feel better than ever in the fitness department. In several recent posts I have said exercise is not my problem but its the nutrition.


This much is true. People have looked to me for advice and motivation on their own weight loss journeys but I am the first to ask for help when I need it.

I am always thinking about food. When I’m eating my lunch, I’m thinking about what I will make for dinner. I have a bag of, albeit low-calorie crisps and a yoghurt after lunch every day without fail because it is what I have always done since school. Most people get out of that habit but I never have and I don’t really know why.

I love food so much but I feel like I need to re-wire my brain into having smaller portions and naturally go for the good stuff. I mean I do love healthy food, but because we have unhealthy food in the house and my willpower is sometimes not so strong, it slips through my healthy barriers and ends up in my mouth.

Yesterday I bought some curly wurlies because Lee had thrown chocolate in the trolley, so I wanted some too but with less of the calories.I didn’t need them because I already had bananas and yoghurts but because he had chocolate, I had to have some because it was like I couldn’t trust myself not to have some of his if I didn’t have a less bad version of my own. Does that make sense? Or do I sound completely bonkers?

So starting from today I am going to try really hard.and fully focus on the food that goes in my body in the hope that I can start to retrain my brain to enjoy smaller portions and not be worried about missing out on the bad stuff.

I really need ideas for how to help change the way I think about food and not allow it to be on my mind 24/7. I will start by watching exactly what I put in my mouth and how often I am eating to see if I can cut out some snacking. I will also try and cut down on my packed lunch style meals at work in terms of not having a bag of crisps and yoghurt straight after, but waiting until late afternoon when I feel a slump coming on (that way its at least spaced out a bit). It’s going to be hard but I can do it if I really put my mind to it..I hope!




9 thoughts on “Changing the way you think about food

  1. Have you tried logging your food so you can see calories wise what you are eating? Maybe try Fitbit or Myfitnesspal, set yourself a goal then you will see how many calories you should be eating in order to lose ‘x’ amount of weight? I always add my food before I eat it so if a bag of crisps takes you over your allowance you can just put them back! I absolutely love food, but I’m trying (& I think it’s working) to see food as purely just fuel. I used to live to eat but now I’m eating to live. Hope this helps. M x


    1. I have my fitness pal but got so obsessed about every little thing that I stopped enjoying it. I know it’s the best way to track what you eat but I just end up calorie counting and it’s not always about the calories but more of the actual health benefits of the food I’m eating.I have tried to see food as just fuel but its hard because I enjoy cooking and tasting and trying allsorts of different things. I don’t have fitbit but would love one but aren’t they expensive?x

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      1. Yet they’re expensive 😁 before I got mine I just used the app on my iPhone, maybe try that? I know what you mean about obsessive! Same for me but that’s the only way that keeps me on track 👎🏼

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      2. haha may just have to become obsessed with it then.I am determind to break this bad routine I’m in because I want to see the results again. I have a good week then the weekend goes tits up every time without fail! When I started I was always making healthy curries and stuff to eat but I have gotten lazy!

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