Weigh day Wednesday 1/7/15

NOTE: I wrote this post yesterday but didn’t have time to post so here is yesterday’s weigh day!

Hi there lovelies!

Is anyone else melting in this 30ºC heat wave? It’s currently thundering and lightning here in South Yorkshire as we can’t seem to take the sunshine without a thunderstorm!

Anyway back to my weigh in. Last week I gained 3lb’s and understood why (too much naughty food). This week I have lost just over 2lb’s so now weigh 14 stone 7lb and a quarter.(Woop!)

I feel fab and have taken to social media to basically be vain about my progress. Do you think there’s a limit as to how vain you can be because I don’t want to annoy people and make them think I’m rubbing it in their faces. However in the same breath,I feel like I deserve to shout it from the rooftops because I am working hard for this and am chuffed with the results so far!

Do you guys post progress pics or talk about your journey on social media? I find it helps me stay focused when people comment on how well I’m doing. It spurs me on!

This was a progress pic I posted yesterday on social media after buying some new lounge wear from New Look:

I had so many compliments from family and friends saying well done and asking how I did it.

                    Dan is my gym instructor so his comments meant a lot.

I know I’m being a bit self-absorbed but those who have followed my blog from the beginning will know that this is a huge thing for me.
To even post a picture like this 18 months ago was completely unthinkable. So if you’re progressing well on your journey but feel like you have plateaued lately and lost some motivation, look back at those ‘before’ photos and then look in the mirror. You are doing it! Progress is always good no matter how slow.

So if you feel comfortable,please post your pictures and tell me your stories in the comments because you all deserve to feel amazing in your bodies.  Do you post progress on your social media? If so, how do people react? Flaunt your progress pics ladies and gents!




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