Inspiration has struck!

Today I met the first other person who has had extreme weight loss.  I say met but I mean spoke to, as he has been attending my gym for longer than I have. He used to weigh around 26 stone and at his lowest was around 12 stone. Now at around 13 stone, his smile shines further than his stomach sticks out and he has an infectious enthusiasm for being healthy.

He has cut out alcohol and caffeine and has drastically reduced his portion sizes to get fit and healthy.

This man is my inspiration to stay the course and keep reaching for that healthy body I so wish for.

He echoed my thoughts about weight loss and spoke how he used to be a grazer who enjoyed food and drink a little too much. He has drastically cut his portion sizes down and also said how lovely it was to be able to go into a normal shop and buy normal sized clothes.

He has been living his new life for around 5 years now and seeing his happiness has really spurred me on to keep going. I’m not as healthy as I could be and my portions are still quite big but now more than ever I’m determined to change for the better.

It just goes to show that both men and women struggle with weight loss and we can all help each other take the next step on that journey.

I’m at the stage now where I need to cut my food intake down because I am doing enough exercise. It’s going to be hard as I love eating ALL THE TIME but I need to get my stomach to the size it’s supposed to be so I am satisfied with smaller portions. I see the amount that fills other people up and I am easily eating double that and more.

So thanks to this amazing inspirational guy, its time to rank it up a notch!

Happy Thursday guys, make it count!




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