Weigh Day Wednesday 24/6/15

Good Morning everyone!

I knew this week wouldn’t be brilliant, partly because I felt my weight loss last week was flawed somehow, but also because I knew I was going out for a meal with my mum. We went out on Friday and had a gorgeous meal at Aroma Cafe; this included crayfish and prawn starter, sea bream fish with vegetables and a massive piece of After Eights chocolate cake for dessert.
The food was AMAZING and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It’s not everyday I get to take my mum out so this was a welcome change, which I definitely made sure I enjoyed.
Then on Saturday, I had been craving a takeaway all day as it had been a while since we had one. So me and Lee ordered a tandoori main (chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and seekh kebabs), along with a chicken balti with chips and a naan. That was to share though. We only had the tandoori bit with salad that night and then shared the curry a few days later (see that’s progress!).
The point of this post is that I am trying not to obsess about that weight every week because it’s not healthy. I am on the right track and shouldn’t be in a rush to get to a certain weight because when I do get to that weight, the rest of my life will be spent trying to keep it off and maintain it.

So I figure I may as well enjoy myself a little on the way but still do my exercise and eat healthily 90% of the time.
There’s no point denying yourself the treats if you’re miserable. For me, food is there to be enjoyed and savoured, not just for fuel. I don’t care what those health mad looneybins say.

Enjoy your food, just make sure you don’t eat badly ALL the time.
Anyway, I was leading up to this week’s weigh in, which is……3lb’s on….PAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s why I was cushioning the blow for both you and me there. I thought it would make you chuckle! I now weigh 14 stone 9.5 lb’s.

I see it like this; in two weeks I have managed to lose 3lb, which is sustainable and I am happy with that. I am also pushing myself even further now at the gym with my running and also with my weight exercises.

This is my journey, my life’s journey, so I can’t get all the weight off straight away because then you guys will have nothing to read! 😉

Speak soon lovelies and remember, enjoy your treats but in moderation! Not every week will be an indulgence.

Keep Shining!


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