Why won’t my loose skin tighten??

Hi Guys, hope you’re all doing well on this miserable Monday (It’s raining here).

Thought I would do a quick post to ask some advice.

I am at the point now where I feel I want to start focusing more on tightening my loose skin but am not entirely sure how to do it (if it’s even possible). I’ve never had this problem before as you can imagine. Is there a set regime I should be following to tighten my skin as much as possible without killing myself?

I know I still have weight to lose but I thought my skin would have shrunk a bit more as my weight loss has been gradual. I have lost nearly 7.5 stone but that has been over 18 months, so I feel that is a healthy, consistent weight loss.

My stomach hangs weird at the bottom and is very loose around that point.

If you’re easily put off then don’t look at the pics below but I am showing you because I am comfortable doing it. Here are a few pics of my concern areas:

My permanent stretch marks (I haven’t had any kids).
My bingo wings-though these have gone down, they don’t seem any more toned.

I know I will always have loose skin and stretch marks but is there a way I can get more toned while still losing weight?

I do weights every week but don’t really have a plan in place and just do what I feel I need to. Last week, I did some arm, shoulder and leg weights but not so much as to cause me agony. I’m still doing a lot of cardio as I still want the weight loss to happen but I wonder if I need a proper routine put in place for toning?I don’t really have issues with my legs; it’s my arms and my stomach. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength but am testing myself to do more weights but I don’t want to do too much so I end up hating it. That would suck.

My partner Lee says that people don’t see me with my clothes off and it doesn’t matter but I want to feel comfortable in myself.

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated as I really don’t know how to make my stomach look more tight and less wobbly!

Speak soon lovelies!




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