Weigh Day Wednesday 17/6/15

Hi guys.

Today’s post is a bit of an odd one because this week by some divine miracle, I have managed to lose 5lb and a quarter…

  I don’t really know how this has happened to be honest! I have no idea what to think.I sent my mum the following message:IMG_7892



















So  you can see how unsure I am to believe these.I know from last week’s Weigh Day Wednesday I said I was going to try to not obsess about the scales but this has thrown it all up in the air. Last week I was on my period, so was bloated, I danced like mad on Friday when I went out with some friends (but technically the alcohol should’ve cancelled out those calories burned), I ate a massive burger and chips in a drunken stupor when I got in (bad move Tash) and went swimming on Sunday with my mum (because I didn’t go to the gym Thursday). These are the only things that I have done differently to other weeks.

All I can think is maybe last week my weigh-in was higher because I was bloated and this week with the swimming, my bloating has gone and I have lost a bit….This is me over-analysing when I should just take what I can get and be happy.

So let’s just say I feel healthy, I have eaten better for the majority of the week and have had a few comments to spur me on. Now I think I really need to focus on toning up because my stomach in particular is a war zone of loose skin and stretch marks. I know the marks won’t go but I need to pull it all in if possible. Any ideas will be welcome.

Have a fab day everyone




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