Weigh Day Wednesday 10/6/15

Good morning lovelies. 

So this week I have had a gain of 1lb and 3/4,so nearly 2lb. I’m not happy about that but a conversation with my gym instructor last night put it all in perspective.

He said, ‘It’s not all about the weight loss or that number on the scales.When people see you,they don’t ask how much you weigh,they say you look good.As long as you look good and feel healthier then that’s all that matters.’

He’s so right! Throughout these blog posts, I mention on occasion that body positivity should be celebrated and we shouldn’t obsess about that number on the scales, but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing!I have been mad obsessed about getting into the next stone bracket and have lost sight of how healthy I feel now.

My body has changed so much;some for the better and some for the not so better but I need to love my body for what it is. I should love my now saggy boobs and loose skin on my stomach,not hate it.

I have got to a point now where I look almost normal in a crowd of people and not that really fat girl who needs extra room.I think my perception of my body is that it’s a lot bigger because I’ve been big all my life and I suppose I still picture bigger Tasha sometimes. Like I said last week, when I look in the mirror,the person I see is slimmer than I think I am.I know that sounds completely nuts but it’s true.

Maybe I need some image therapy or something to get into my head just how different I look.

I posted this picture on my social media earlier this week:

   which caused a lot of people to say, ‘Wow Tasha seeing it like that really shows your weight loss’. I think it’s because my weight loss has been gradual over about 15 months and close friends and family have seen me often enough to get used to the ‘new me’.

So this next week,although I am going to aim for a loss,I’m going to take my measurements again to see the difference there and actually take time to appreciate my body and how I feel.I need to create a bit of body confidence in myself and love myself a bit more. Hopefully I can obsess a bit less and see where that takes me!

Hope this blog post was helpful to you and it just shows that even the weight gains are important in a journey to live healthier. They remind you that the little number on the scales is not the end of the world.

Love you guys



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