Weigh Day Wednesday 3/6/15

Good Morning Weight Loss Warriors and Healthy Heroines!

It’s a beautiful day here in Barnsley and an even better one for making me smile.

As you know I went out at the weekend for a Hen Party and ate lots of Greggs so I thought I would be lucky to maintain. Then yesterday the wonderful period fairy came and sprinkled some dust on me so I came on, which was my second set back. However, I had the day off work yesterday to wait for a sofa to arrive (which never did but that’s a different story) so I spent all day cleaning my house from top to bottom. After that I went to the gym and had a particularly heavy gym session; I did 40 minutes of cardio on the bike and treadmill and then did a legs circuit with the instructor Danny, which involved a minute squat against a wall. That was hard! I wobbled my way home, had tea and went to bed.

So this morning I got on the scales and…..


I’ve lost 3lb and a quarter! So I’ve lost the 1lb I gained last week and 2 more as well! I now weigh 14 stone 10, that doesn’t sound right. For the first time today I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t see a fat person. I saw curves and a beautiful face staring back at me. I feel like I am finally becoming happy with my body shape. I know it’s taken a lot of work but I feel like I’m not far off being where I want to be and not wanting to lose any more weight. I will never be skinny but I don’t want to be. I want to be curvy and sexy and be happy with my current body. We all have body hang ups and I had some pretty big ones but I am starting to see the Tasha that I always knew was in there hidden underneath all those rolls of fat. So on that note,here are some progress pics from before I started to about 4.5 stone loss to now:

Nearly 22 stone
4.5 stone loss
7 stone loss:14 stone 10


Today: 14st 10

So that’s a bit of a visual for ya. This next week I plan on making good choices and trying to remain on the healthy bandwagon. Tonight I am off round Newmillerdam with my friend and mum but I know it’s still my portion intake that I am not doing so good at. So yesterday, I made this!


This is my portion plate to help keep the food sizing under control. Hopefully it works! Lee made his own version that just said ‘Lee’s food’ in the middle of the plate with loads of arrows, which really made me laugh. I wish I’d have taken a picture!

Anyway guys that’s me off but hope you all have a good week and let me know how your weight loss is going. What tips do you have for eating when bored as this seems to be my biggest issue at the moment!

See ya later lovelies!




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