Beef Vindaloo (Fakeaway style) Recipe Review

This recipe was one I was really looking forward to as I’ve been wanting to do another fakeaway for a while now.

  Looks good right? WRONG!

I followed the recipe ingredient perfect apart from swapping lamb for beef and not using cloves as I HATE them and it came out really tangy and vinegary!

Let me explain.The recipe said to marinate the lamb (or beef in my case) in a bunch of spices which just so happened to include 125ml of white wine vinegar. I didn’t even question it and bunged it all in the bowl and then realised that it said to marinate for 4 hours or overnight if possible. I didn’t have time for that!!! So I marinated it for about 20 minutes and then chucked it all in a pan to cook with chopped tomatoes on a low heat for about an hour.

I came to taste it after my bath and was met with a super tang that made my eyes water!So after adding more water,some natural yoghurt and medium curry powder, I decided to serve it to Lee and explained how tangy it was and also apologised in advance (Not what you would normally do before serving a meal).

We both ate it in-between remarks of ‘my god how much vinegar is in this?!’ and  ‘It’s so tangy!’ along with watery eyes and noses.

Afterwards, I swore I would never add vinegar again even if it should’ve marinated for 4 hours.No curry should taste like that! So this recipe has not worked for me but If you have 4 hours to kill then knock yourself out! I, however, won’t be adding vinegar to anything for a long while as I feel my taste buds have been burnt off!

The recipe is in the Slimming World Fakeaways book if you would like to give it a go but I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to swap vinegar for water or a bit of stock.

Not all recipes work out and this is one that didn’t for me. Ah well, onwards and upwards!


3 thoughts on “Beef Vindaloo (Fakeaway style) Recipe Review

  1. Wish I had read this before I did this slimming world recipe from their latest magazine. You are right, it was not good Surely the amount of vinegar they say to add cannot be right!! We all hated it in our house and I had left it to marinade all night as well. House still stinks of vinegar now!

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