A New Week!

Happy Monday lovelies!

Hope you’re all ready for a new week of weight loss and promoting healthy happy thoughts.

Last week I gained a lb and a quarter and those who follow me on Facebook will know that I was super happy about this because I went to a music festival the previous weekend and basically ate chips for every meal. So that little gain is fabulous in my eyes!I still have my 7 stone loss so that’s the main thing and now we can move onto the next week.:)

Anyway, this past Saturday I went out for a hen party dressed as  Wally from Where’s Wally:

  That was mine and my bestie’s efforts;not bad eh?

Anyway I allowed myself to have what I really wanted to drink and enjoy it but was planning on going home and eating something relatively healthy.What actually happened was going to Greggs to get way too many foodstuffs to cram into my face,which included a chicken pasty and a chicken club baguette.

I was telling Lee the next morning and he was laughing because I basically went ‘all out’ in Greggs and got my fix. Now however, I’m over it (thankfully!) and yesterday had a good day because I didn’t eat a lot at all.I just had a homemade English breakfast (good meat sausages with not a lot of fat,bacon with fat cut off,mushrooms fried in fry light and bit of water and then chopped toms,beans and a poached duck egg), then was full all day so made a fakeaway curry for the evening meal. The curry turned out not to my taste but I’ll do a food review on that in a separate post.

Today is a new day and the start of a fresh week,so I am packed with healthy foods to help keep me on track. I made Banana pancakes for breakfast,have a low-calorie Asda vegetable soup for lunch with some Jacobs crisp breads for dipping and have a butt load of fruit for snacking,I.e an apricot,a few grapes,some strawberries and a peach!

Today is all about trying to have whole foods with little processed as I’ve noticed I seem to enjoy having yoghurts and a biscuit snack all a bit too much when really I should be grabbing something natural that hasn’t been tampered with.

I’ll let you know how I get on! Have a fantastic Monday everyone and don’t forget,if you are struggling,I’m always here to lend an ear.Those of you who are regular readers will know that I make daft food mistakes all the time (this Saturday being one of them) but you just have to dust yourself off and start afresh.

On a side note, you may have read my post about my awesome gym possibly closing for good in July.I’ve started a petition and am willing people to sign it so I can take it to the governors and show them how important it is to us as a community.If you have a few seconds,please go and sign it as it is the reason why I have come so far in my journey and is the best little gym ever.

Have a good day lovelies and remember to think positive. One bad choice does not ruin a whole day or week of healthy living!




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