Weigh day Wednesday 29/4/15

Hi there lovelies!Sorry for not posting yesterday.I sort of got a bit side tracked!This week I have gained a lb…

…but it’s ok because I have really enjoyed my food this week.I had a good week up to Saturday and then went out with some old friends from school for tapas.The tapas was gorgeous but it was the cocktails that probably began to push me into my weight gain.Then I had to go down south for work for a few days so took it as an opportunity to eat crap rather than stay on the path of healthiness.

I had a vegetarian breakfast at Wetherspoons with a full fat latte.Then had biscuits in the office and later had a massive stone baked pizza that naturally was full of cheese. Then when I got back to my room,I went to the vending machine and got some choccy bars and a bag of Kettle chips. The morning after I had another latte from Costa and a cheese and onion toastie;so much cheese!

So all in all,I haven’t had the best week with food but I’m not being too hard on myself because it’s not every day I have a weekend like the one just gone and I really enjoyed it.

Also on Monday because I was down south,I couldn’t go to the gym.I was planning on doing some floor exercises in my room but I was never in it long enough before being called back out.So I missed a day’s exercise.

However, now I’m back and on it like sonic so let’s hope next week is better.I have quite a busy month ahead of me events wise (more on that later) so here’s hoping I can get some more podge off by the end of the month!

Happy Thursday lovelies,Keep going on your healthy journey!




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