Weigh Day Wednesday 22/4/15

Hi Lovelies,

Well it’s been a pretty decent week food and exercise wise. I didn’t have any takeaways, had decent breakfasts at the weekend and changed up my exercise routine a bit.

So I was super happy when I got on the scales this morning and saw…


So that’s 1 and a half lb loss this week. My plan is to try really hard for the next week to see if by some divine miracle, I can lose 3.5lb’s by next Wednesday and FINALLY get my 7 stone loss.

I am going out for a meal with some old friends on Saturday so I will try and pick healthy foods if I can. It’s tapas though so we will be sharing; I shall have to compromise. It’s only 1 meal and I won’t let myself ruin it for fear of calorie counting.:)

I have also tried a few other snack ideas this week like these beauties:IMG_7042 IMG_7043

Dark Chocolate covered strawberries! I have these in the fridge for an after dinner sweet treat and they are lovely. I only have a few but because the dark chocolate is so rich, you don’t need many!

I also got really into preparing my meals for the week ahead on Sunday as I knew I would be home later every day this week. I’m still not as organised as I could be when it comes to making the week’s meals but I’m getting a lot better!


Check out the messy kitchen! In my eyes, a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen! Lee tends to disagree but ah well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So in a nutshell it’s been a pretty good week since last Wednesday.I’ve still allowed myself an icecream or sweet treat here and there but what’s the point of living healthier if you can’t have a few treats every now and again? I am not a robot who only ever eats the purest of pure fresh food so I bloody well enjoyed my Magnum icecream! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a fab week everyone,here’s to another good one…fingers crossed!




2 thoughts on “Weigh Day Wednesday 22/4/15

  1. Wow 7 stone loss thats incredible! Wednesday is my weigh in day too, my first was today actualy as they moved it this week lol. Its so inspiring to see journeys like yours especially as I’m just starting out! Good luck with your continues journey! X

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