Egg Muffin Breakfast Bites

Last night whilst on my way to the gym, my mind turned to what I would have for breakfast at work the next day to try and change things up a bit.

I was scrolling through internet pages looking for healthy savoury breakfast ideas that were easy to make and portable for work. Not the most specific of searches but not far off!

I was searching and scrolling and then had an epiphany; why not make some egg muffins in yorkshire pudding tins and have them for breakfast?So that’s what I did!

Now, I’ve seen similar recipes before but never thought to make some as I was on a role with my overnight oats breakfast creations.

This is how the egg bites look when done.


You will need:

  • 2 medium eggs
  • splash of milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sprinkle of smoked paprika
  • sprinkle of mild cheddar cheese
  • 1 large chopped button mushroom
  • handful of chopped/diced meat (I used barbecue chicken and pastrami because that’s what was in my fridge)
  • Frylight

This mixture will make about 9 egg bites depending on the size of your pudding tray (mine was tiny!)


Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC. Spray your yorkshire pudding tin with Frylight to make sure it coats the edges. In a bowl/jug, whisk the eggs,milk,some smoked paprika and salt and pepper to taste;put aside. Share the chopped mushroom and meat out into each individual pudding tray but don’t overload as your egg still needs to go in. Put the pudding tray in the oven for 5-7 mins so the mushrooms can cook. Take out the tray, divide the egg mixture up between all 9, making sure it doesn’t spill over (this happened to me). Sprinkle some of the cheese on top of each egg muffin and then put back in the oven for 10-15 mins or until you think it’s cooked. Take out of the oven and voila!

Close up of the eggy goodness
1 escaped into my mouth before this photo!

That’s it! From start to finish this only took me about 10 mins to prepare and stick in the oven and let me tell you, after scoffing 6 of them down this morning, I feel super satisfied and like I have had a little treat. If you look back to the ingredients, there’s not a huge amount really but because it’s in bitesize pieces, it feels like a lot more.

like a deer in headlights stuffing my face

These definitely have a major thumbs up from me and I would say give them a go if you like. I also want to see what variations you guys choose and how yours turn out if you try this out.

Super tasty egg bites!

These are second to my Breakfast wraps for savoury goodness so you know they’re tasty!

I hope you try these out and like them too! Speak soon lovelies!




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