Weigh Day Wednesday: 8/4/15-Kick up the bum

Hi guys!

This week’s weigh in went how I expected it to go…


I put on 1.5 lb’s and up until yesterday, I was really annoyed with myself. Then I realised that being annoyed won’t get me anywhere, so I started reading and researching motivation and weight loss tips and ideas and also looking at old pictures of me when I was nearly 22 stone. Sometimes it’s important to remind yourself why you started and really think hard about how bloody difficult it was lugging around all that extra weight. When you were almost crying after a gym workout because you felt like you would have a heart attack and being strict with your food intake. That’s what I haven’t been doing.

I’ve been kidding myself that I’m working hard when really I’ve just been going through the motions and doing the bare minimum to try and not put the weight back on.

So now, after some stern words with myself, I am going to go hell for leather with both the exercise and even more importantly, the food intake. I am going to keep an eye on hidden calories in sauces, seasonings and other foods and make sure that next week is an excellent weight loss (or at least sets me back on track).

This book I started reading has been reminding me of my relationship with food and why it is so unhealthy.

Fab book by the way!

Well not anymore! Food will be enjoyed but in portion controlled amounts and the snacking will be cut down and biscuits replaced with healthier alternatives. I stick by my rule of not denying myself everything because I know this never works and I would fall off the wagon. I will still enjoy my snacks, but have less of them.

Think it’s fair to say that Fat; I’M COMING TO GET YOU!






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