Where’s my Motivation??

Hi there lovelies.

Just thought I would have a touch base with you as I feel I have neglected my blog a little bit. I started this blog because I wanted to feel accountable for my actions that related to my weight loss and living healthier and also it was somewhere to chronicle my progress.

Lately however, I feel I have just been going through the motions.I wanted to share this with you as why should I share the ups without sharing the downs?

I feel like I’ve lost my motivation a bit and my get-up-and-go has got up and buggered off! I don’t know what to do to re-jig my motivation and get back on it.I am finding myself being more lazy with things in general and can’t exactly figure out why. Maybe I am only seeing the negative which isn’t good. I know I have just had a long 4 day weekend off that was fuelled with Easter chocolate, regular chocolate, booze and a lack of exercise (my gym was shut yesterday).

Tomorrow when I get weighed, I am expecting a gain of 1-2lb’s because I know what I have eaten and only by divine happenings will I lose weight. I need to get myself out of my funk but don’t know what to do. I definitely want to change-up my exercise routine and do something different, especially now the weather is improving.I’m just not creative when it comes to exercise and won’t stick to it unless I have someone to do it with (I know I shouldn’t rely on others but it really helps me).

Any advice, help and encouragement will be much appreciated. I need a bit of a reminder of what it feels like to be motivated because right now I just want to be skinny. Days like this I wonder why I was slapped with the fat stick when I know SO MANY PEOPLE who eat much more than me, exercise a lot less and yet have lovely figures.

The rational part of me tells me that yeah they may be skinny, but they’re probably not healthy but sometimes I just wish it was easier. It sucks always having to work hard to lose weight when for other people, it seems genetics are their friend. I don’t really hate skinny people; I’m just feeling a demotivated that’s all.

Feeling sorry for myself right now. All bloggy cuddles will be greatly received.:(




5 thoughts on “Where’s my Motivation??

  1. I feel ya. I have always felt the exact same way, that it was easier for other people. But I think using what you want will get you right on track: think about how it will FEEL when you have the body you want. Imagine walking into a room of people you know and love and feeling like you’ve earned the feelings you get. And think about looking in a mirror and seeing exactly what you want to see. I imagine exactly what that will feel like. It always motivates me!

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    1. Thanks hun thats really does help; I still get the comments from people telling me how good i look and how much I’ve lost but IU’m almost used it as a reason to be a bit lazy thinking, ‘oh I’m still thinner than I was this time last year’ when really I should be stepping it up massively now. I’m going to try really hard this week and see what happens. hope it’s a good thing!xx

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