Hair problems!

Good morning lovelies.

Today is a post of the different kind as I am having particular problems with my hair lately.
I have naturally curly hair that is crazy frizzy all the time.I am also OCD about it like you wouldn’t believe.
I always wear my hair up at work because I feel I don’t have the time to dedicate to doing it properly and so it ends up slicked back on my head in a ponytail or bun.

I have lovely long hair but it’s so hard to manage because of how frizzy it is.Just in case some of you think, ‘everyone says they have frizzy hair and actually just have a few wispy bits’.No,my hair is FRIZZY! I have tried all sorts of products over the years and nothing seems to stick.
I think the problem may be more to do with the obsession of having my hair perfectly slicked back,and so when it is natural and flowing round my face,frizz and all,I can’t cope with it.

This is what my hair looks like today after putting a LOT of hair oil on both last night, this morning before I left,along with a bit of curling mousse and more oil when I got to work.

IMG_6685 IMG_6680 IMG_6681





















































It is STILL FRIZZY! Everyone says I should have my hair down more often because it doesn’t look nice slicked back on my head but it’s hard to explain. To me, my hair HAS to be all going one way slicked back and I can’t see any fly-aways or wispy bits or I just go crazy.

I need advice! Am I really nuts or do any of you get seriously obsessed with having your hair all in one place?I want to embrace my natural curls but I can’t cope with the frizz. Have tried a lot of Frizz-ease products and lots of different hair oils. The only thing I can use is Shockwaves Power Volume hair mousse but I end up using so much of it and making my hair rock hard because the tiniest bits of frizz must be tamed!

When I have time, I like to use the John Frieda Frizz-ease 3-day straight spray and straighten my hair. This is the ONLY thing I can 100% say works for my hair, that’s because I’m using it to flat-iron it and also means I have pin straight hair for days!

I want to celebrate my natural curly hair but without the frizz; surely that’s not so hard?!





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