Plus Size Fashion Postings?

Hi lovelies,

I have been thinking about this for a while but haven’t quite known how to go about it. I want to start adding some plus size fashion posts to my blog but obviously want to keep the core of my blog the same, for weight loss and healthy lifestyle ideas.

So I thought I would ask my followers what they thought.

Would you like it if I began posting about new items of clothing I find in the plus size fashion sections of stores like Boohoo, Asos, New Look etc and reviewing them, along with posting pictures of how they look?

I would love to review some of the items I have found to be essential pieces of kit in a plus size lady’s wardrobe but don’t want to put any my current wonderful followers off!

Obviously the weight loss progress will still be blogged about but maybe with a bit of fashion style thrown in there too!

Let me know pretty please in the comments!

Love you all.





2 thoughts on “Plus Size Fashion Postings?

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