Periods Suck!

Apologies if this offends anyone but I felt I had to write as I’m feeling pretty bleurgh today.

As the title suggests, It is my time of the month and don’t I know about it! I am having the typical stomach cramps and feeling really sorry for myself. I’m 25 not 15, so I am aware this happens on a regular basis. However, for the past 6 years, I have been on a pill called Cerazette. My doctors gave me this because they said whilst on another called Microgynon, I was at a greater increased risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis because of my weight. My doctor said this new pill could mean I have very light periods or they stop altogether but that’s normal.

So all this time I have been on Cerazette without issue and having a lovely time with but a few less-than-lovely time of the month weeks.However, for the past few week or so, I have had the typical bloating you get when you are due to come on, but because I have gone so long without the bad pains because of my pill, I thought it was muscle aches from the heavy gym session I did the day before.

I got home after work and it was in fact, my time of the month.

So now I am left feeling super sorry for myself.

Feel sorry for meeeee!

All I want to do is go home, have a bath, get a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and watch Love Actually (yes I am THAT person).I can’t do that because it’s gym day and there will be a zillion calories in Ben and Jerry’s,especially the Cookie Dough one I like. I shall have to cope with some dark chocolate, an options hot chocolate (double chocolate boom!), a light gym session and a cuddle from the hubby…and some super crap on TV.

What soothes you when its your time of the month?I am genuinely interested to hear any tips!




8 thoughts on “Periods Suck!

  1. Ugh tell me about it! It’s TOM for me right now too, I was in depenhams yesterday trying on dresses for a wedding and felt so bloated and icky I just wanted to stuff my face with chocolate! I actually settled for a hot chocolate and a couple of squares of M&S dark mint chocolate… great minds!
    You do feel great if you push yourself to exercise anyway despite the overwhelming urge to eat ice cream and watch TV! Did you manage to stick with the gym session in the end?

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