Weigh Day Wednesday 11/3/15

Good Morning Weight Loss Warriors!

I am feeling pretty damn good today because….I lost 1lb and half woo! It’s not much but its the right amount I feel to have it coming off bit by bit in a healthy way.


To be honest, at the minute I am feeling rather lazy with keeping an eye on my food intake. I could have lost more this week, I know that. But KFC called my name and I went to an anniversary party and ate my own weight in sandwiches, buns and cheesecake. I just lost control, or at least that’s how I saw it. I probably didn’t eat all that much but I felt like a greedy cow.

Honesty is the best policy; I’m not going to sit here and tell you I had a fantastic week because I didn’t. The one thing I am sticking with is my exercise routine and I think that is saving me at the minute. I need to keep in mind that there will come a time when I plateau and the weight stops coming off, then I will seriously need to look at how much I am taking in.

This week I am back using Myfitnesspal to try to help track my calories so let’s see how that goes. I genuinely hope you all have a good week and let me know how your weight loss is going in the comments.

Love you all!




5 thoughts on “Weigh Day Wednesday 11/3/15

  1. Congrats on your loss! I know you said it’s not been a great week but if you’re still losing then you’re doing something right! I’m feeling rather lazy myself lately although I’m doing loads more exercise I’ve just not been careful with food either. Weekend in Newcastle didn’t help matters lol But I’ve been good since I got back so hopefully that’ll be damamge limitation!

    You are doing great though, everytime I click into your blog it takes me to your cover page with your originally headshot and I can’t get over how different you look! Doing this the healthy way and still getting to LIVE a little is definitely the right approach! I’ve never tried that myfitnesspal app I might download it and have a look!

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    1. Have a go hun its good; if you can remember to put stuff in it, it tracks your calories and also how much of each food group you are having, as well as your water intake and your exercise, pretty good!I look at my before photo now and it scares me how big I was. I still can’t believe it. My partner says hes still getting used to me because he has spent 5 years with a lot bigger Tasha haha.

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      1. Sounds ideal, I’d be more likely to track stuff in my phone than on a piece of paper! It’s fantastic, you should be really proud of how far you’ve come! I’ve had a few weeks of exercising lots but not really watching what I’m eating so I’ve pretty much stayed the same the last month which is frustrating. I’m off on holiday this Friday so finding it hard to be motivated this week, it’s also St. Particks Day tomorrow but I’m running a 10k in the morning! I guess it’s getting through these low motivation periods and still sticking to it that lead to the long term changes like what you’ve achieved.

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