Weigh Day Wednesday 4/3/15

Good Afternoon lovelies!

First off, I did originally write this blog yesterday on my phone whilst on my way home from work but my phone had a spazz and decided to delete everything I wrote. So I chalked it off and am now writing this to you today whilst continuously pressing the save button!

This past week has been ok  but I have been aware I haven’t been trying as hard with my food intake and also had Monday off work so my routine went off track a bit. I had McDonalds breakfast and takeaway in the space of just a few days and also had a decent amount to drink when I went to a gig on Sunday, so I pretty much thought I would’ve put on but was ok with that because I would’ve known why.

However, when I got on the scales I saw this:


I was pleasantly surprised to have lost even just a quarter of a lb, because it’s a quarter of a lb in the right direction. Ok so I’m not jumping for joy because I’m breaking records, but it’s still a success considering my food intake this week.

Here’s to a more productive week and hopefully a better loss by this time next week!




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