Feeling Deflated, but not Defeated!

Hi There Weight Loss Warriors.

The past week hasn’t been fantastic in terms of eating and I don’t really know why. We have all the healthy foods in the fridge and cupboards. I think sometimes I just get into one of those ruts where losing weight isn’t at the top of my priorities and I let myself enjoy too many treats when I should either be choosing the healthy options or not having a treat at all.

As I get weighed on a Wednesday, that’s kind of when my new week for weight loss starts over again. I maintained my weight last week so started from 16 stone 1/4 lb’s.I was off work on Wednesday, so me and Lee went to Meadowhall to do a bit of shopping. I had eaten a relatively healthy breakfast so wasn’t hungry. However, after shopping Lee wanted McDonalds. We went and I got a snack wrap and a Smarties McFlurry while he had a large meal. It’s almost like I was incapable of saying NO; I wanted something because he had something.

From what I remember, on Thursday I bought a shortbread cookie from the snack van that comes round our industrial estate at work; I threw some of it away as the guilt of eating it overwhelmed me. I went to the gym Thursday with my mum but didn’t feel like I did all I could do. I then went on Friday with my sister to fit in the 3rd day of exercise so I had been to the gym for my three times last week (better than nothing I suppose). I didn’t drink on Friday as we had to get up ridiculously early Saturday to go and pick up Lee’s daughter from down south so that was a plus to cut out the alcohol calories. On Saturday morning, we had breakfast at McDonalds (about 1000 calories with the latte included), then when we finally got back, despite me saying I would make dinner, I got lazy and we then ordered a takeaway. Me and Lee shared a kebab but had our own chips and I even had 2 slices of pizza. So it’s fair to say I felt hugely guilty after eating this and just couldn’t shake it.

Then to make things worse from getting back on Saturday to the end of Sunday, I was just snacking on cookies which is not good. I don’t get why I do this to myself. I know a cookie has about 60 calories in but I still eat it…and then another one. After my driving lesson (yes I have started those finally!) I made a toasted egg sandwich for my breakfast. We went food shopping and got lots of healthy food and then went over to Lee’s mum’s house for Sunday dinner. It was beautiful and my plate was 90% veg but we had steak pie with it. I know how bad pastry is calorie-wise but it tasted so good! I felt like a naughty child.

I’m all for everything in moderation but this week I sort of feel like I haven’t done all I could do to ensure I get that half a lb that I am so craving for my 6 stone. It wouldn’t surprise me if I put on to be honest but if I do, I will know why. This is why I got as big as I did in the first place. If I have a bad day, sometimes (not always) I just keep eating the bad stuff and thinking everything will be ok.

From re-reading my food intake over the past week, its clear to say that I probably won’t get my 6 stone loss come weigh day. However, at least I know why. This is far better than trying so hard and not getting the weight loss you want. I know my faults and I know what to do to fix them (sew my mouth up) but it’s not all bad. My portions have been smaller. Even though I had takeaway on Saturday, the amount of food I had was a lot smaller compared to what it could have been and although I have eaten badly, I haven’t had three square meals each day due to being so busy so maybe this will slightly counteract my bad eating choices.

Today is Monday and I fully intend on trying my best to hopefully prevent a gain on Wednesday but I am only human. Like everyone else, I have weak moments. This past week has definitely been one of them but I am not worried because my clothes fit better this week than they did a few weeks ago. I am doing more toning exercises at the gym for my stomach,arms,legs and bum. I feel like I can do more and since my mum re-joined, overall I have been pushing myself further at the gym. This is all positive.

It’s important to remember the good things when you have a bad week, regardless of what it relates to. Whether its work, family, food or exercise, we all have to pick out those positive moments when we feel defeated. Failure is not an option. Everything I have just talked about is only half the story. I have until Wednesday to turn things around and am taking active steps to eat better this week and generally do better with my healthy lifestyle plan.

So here’s to the next few days. Let’s see what we can do!





5 thoughts on “Feeling Deflated, but not Defeated!

  1. That’s so random, I’m literally having the EXACT SAME WEEK, today is my turnaround point. I was so motivated and then had my trip to London and missed my weigh in and since Wednesday it’s just not been great. It’s not been TERRIBLE and I made better choices that I used to when I was felt like eating crap.

    I’ve actually not eaten at all yet today because we had Domino’s takeaway last night and I can still feel it in my tummy! Drinking tonnes of water and going to have a healthy lunch and then hit the gym after work.

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    1. It’s good to know someone else is experiencing the same even if its not good haha.Even when you don’t go completely back to your old ways, you still feel bad because you know you can do better. Here’s to a more positive week this week for both of us 🙂


  2. Oh Hun it’s great that you can be so honest about it – it’s much better than hiding the fact that you have been bad as you can admit you’ve had a naughty week. As you said yourself you know what to do to turn it around. It’s impossible to stick to plan 100% of the time, the odd week blow out is normal, as long as you then get it back on track rather than fall into the naughty spiral – which is what always happened to me!

    Onwards and upwards though, you’ll prob see a good loss the week after if you stick to plan 🙂

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    1. Thanks hun; I wasn’t sure whether to post at first but then I thought. The whole point of this blog is to chronicle everything I encounter during my weight loss journey. That includes the bad days as well as the good.I am definitely back on track now and went to the gym yesterday and had a really good workout. Now got today to do, then gym and then weigh day tomorrow morning!

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