Weigh day Wednesday 11/2/15

Hi there weight loss warriors.Today is THAT day.I built it up so much in my head genuinely thinking I could just scrap that 6 stone;surely I would knock it out this week.

Sadly no.I maintained.God I hate that word sometimes!Maintaining is like failure to some people. It was to me at first because I was so excited to finally get my 6 stone. Then I reminded myself that the scales are not everything and I am doing all the right things but still enjoying my treats.So I suppose I am ok with maintaining this week.I think If I would’ve put on,that would’ve been a different story and I would’ve felt really down.

Isn’t it infuriating that no matter how much you remind yourself that the scales are not the be all and end all,that you still care about the weight loss and seeing that progress each week?

On another note,Bill Bailey was awesome last night!I was laughing so hard my sides hurt and tears rolled down my cheeks.It was lovely to go out with Lee and the family and just have a laugh and a giggle.
We never do anything like that so although I have maintained,I had a really good night with people I love.

Now,as I missed a gym day yesterday,my plan is to go as normal Thursday and work a bit harder. My older sister Yasmin is joining the gym this week,so I shall toddle along with her Saturday morning too and then I should be back on track with the weight loss!

These little setbacks are just that;SETBACKS. They define my journey to living a healthier life but it’s good to remember that happiness is a part of this journey too. Happiness is the most important thing to me.Don’t spend your life searching for Happiness.It isn’t something you can grab,it’s something you experience and feel. Happiness is experienced throughout your journey in life and you should take it all in whenever you can.Feel happy in the moment you are in.

Enjoy the current body you have right now,even if you are looking to lose weight or get fit.Find something that you appreciate about your body right now and I guarantee you will feel happier and thus healthier mentally.
Hope you all had a fantastic day.

Right,I’m off to concoct some foody goodness for supper!

Love you all weight loss warriors.Lets show em who’s boss!


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