I have a predicament!

Ok, so I thought I would have a bit of a mini touch base with you all as I have a slight dilemma.

On Tuesday night, I am off to see Bill Bailey at The Civic in Barnsley. I am super excited and am going with Lee,my mum, sister,brother-in-law and his dad, so it is kind of an event for us (especially as nothing majorly interesting ever happens in this little town). Lee has the next 4 days off work and so naturally wants a few bevvies before the comedy gig. I also have Wednesday off work so I can have a drink Tuesday night and not have to get up at 5:30 am the next morning for work.

My predicament: I get weighed on a Wednesday morning. So naturally I am a bit nervous about stepping on the scales after an evening of knocking back a few tipples. I’m not planning on getting blind-drunk but it’s a rare occasion when me and Lee go out and have a drink as we prefer having a quiet night in (majorly boring but I love it!)

My other predicament: I won’t have time to do my Tuesday session at the gym because I will need to get ready for the comedy gig. So that’s one day of exercise missed out before I get weighed.

Should I:

1.) Get weighed tomorrow (Tuesday) morning instead in the hope of avoiding the alcohol-fueled scale-related annoyance.

2.) Throw caution to the wind, get weighed Wednesday morning and accept that what will be, will be.

I am also all too aware that this weekly weigh in could be a massive turning point for me as it has potential to be my 6 stone loss milestone. I don’t know what to do and need some advice! Should I just stick to Wednesday and cope with whatever happens or should I get weighed tomorrow morning??AAAAARRGHHHH I simply can’t decide. (Just a note;I know my life should not be dictated by the scales but this milestone is so huge for me, it feels so important.)

Much help needed.

P.S. On another note, I am MASSIVELY excited to see Bill Bailey; I am bouncing around on my chair doing the happy bum dance as we speak!




6 thoughts on “I have a predicament!

  1. Oooooh it’s a funny one! On the one hand I know you don’t want to weigh in the morning after but on the other hand it’s kinda cheating to weigh in right before it because it’s part of your week and if you’d had your night out on Saturday instead of Tuesday it would’ve counted for this week but you would’ve had a few days to recover. I personally would push my weigh in back a day if I really didn’t want to have it the next morning, if you do it the morning before then you’ll probably feel like you can really go all out whereas if you know you still have to get weighed a day later it’ll keep you motivated as you’ve got your eyes on that 6stone. Think about which would feel worse, weighing in Thursday and just missing out on the 6stone and having to wait another week to hit it or getting your 6stone tomorrow and then next week gaining weight so you’re back over that mark again.

    Or you could just weigh in as normal and try not to overthink it but we all know that’s easier said than done

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