Weigh Day Wednesday 4/2/15

Hi there Weight Loss Warriors!

It’s that time again. Weigh Day Wednesday is upon us.

I officially love my little pair of scales now because this morning when looking down at them through bleary eyes, I saw this:

that’s a loss of just over 4lb this week.

OMG I am so so so happy, I cannot even begin to get across how chuffed I am with this result (sorry I know my head is expanding).

This means that I only have to lose half a lb to get my 6 stone. I know it’s taken a lot longer than I wanted as I originally wanted 6 stone by the end of last year but all progress is good right?

I am really hoping that next week I can see the number 15 at the beginning of the scales because that will mean I am in the 15’s and that is a massive thing for me. I think I said previously that anything below 18 stone is just amazing because I couldn’t remember ever being that small. I say small because let’s remember here, I have gone from nearly 22 stone to this so this really is small when looking at the bigger picture from my perspective.

Here’s to next week where my fingers, legs and toes will be crossed for a good result. I want to be able to say to you I have my 6 stone loss. I can’t even begin to imagine how I will react but I’m trying not to be too hopeful as when I’ve been excited before, the scales haven’t shown me what I wanted them to and I have been devastated.

All progress is positive so here’s to the next week of Slimming It My Way!




8 thoughts on “Weigh Day Wednesday 4/2/15

  1. WOW CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! That’s AWESOME! You’re so close to getting in the 15’s now you can definitely do it this week if you put your mind to it! I love breaking the stone barriers, I’ve half a stone to go to my next one. My weigh in is tonight so we have the same weigh in day too! You’ll have to follow me on here as well to find out how I do lol

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      1. I know I’m feeling nervous because I only really got my act together this week on Sunday but I’m feeling really motivated now. It’s great that you mam weighs in on the same day as well, is she getting on good lately as well? haha bet it smells good too!

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  2. that is bloody fantastic!!! well done you!!! Getting done into that next stone bracket is always an awesome feeling, there is no doubt you will be there next week. A great loss is always the motivation I need to carry on pushing it! 🙂

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