Egg Custard Slimming World Recipe!

Now this one sounds super tasty right???

I have been wanting to try another dessert recipe for ages but because,well, I’m not very good, I was a bit scared. However, yesterday I was feeling pretty confident and searched the Slimming World website for recipes and found this one for an egg custard that seemed not too difficult. I had all the ingredients in my cupboard at home too (which never happens!)

All my lovely ingredients!

So I went ahead and followed the recipe but I halved everything as it serves 4 and there’s only me and Lee to eat it. I haven’t posted the recipe here as I followed the Slimming World recipe to a T apart from having it with berries.

But here are a few process pictures!

my frothy eggs.
Milk,vanilla,cinnamon and sweetener mixture.

egg custard before it went in the oven.
It seemed to work out perfect. Here is my finished effort:

FullSizeRender[3] FullSizeRender[4]

Not bad if I do say so myself! I haven’t tasted it properly yet as when it came out of the oven and cooled, I had to chill it in the fridge for 4 hours. I can’t wait to taste it though. Lee seemed really enthusiastic to try it because he loves egg custard but when I told him it was pastry free, his tone suddenly changed haha. I tried to explain that pastry isn’t healthy and I wasn’t going to make something I couldn’t eat but he wasn’t having any of it. So looks like this little beauty is all for me muhahahahahahaha. My plan worked after all! 😉

I would LOVE to see your efforts of making this so post in the comments!




12 thoughts on “Egg Custard Slimming World Recipe!

  1. Hey! I started reading your blog a few days ago and have just finished reading through the entire thing. First off congratulations on your journey so far, your before and after pictures are fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed reading along and I love all the recipes you post. I joined Slimming World originally about a year ago and have been on and off since then but I’ve signed up for a 12 week countdown now to keep me going for the next while, I’m also writing a blog too. I know you said you don’t go to the classes (I’m actually not that fond of the classes themselves but I like the weekly weigh in and getting the bling stickers when I lose weight!) but are you following the plan? I’ve been in a bit of a rut since before Christmas so I’m working hard at trying to get my motivation back and your blog helped! Looking forward to your next update, following along.

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    1. This really made me smile knowing that you have read everything on my blog and that you enjoyed some of it too! I used to go to SW classes and loved them so much! I always wanted to stay and have a laugh and a giggle with the other women to see how their weeks had went. The reason I stopped going to them was because I couldn’t afford it ( was a student at the time and £4.95 a week was a stretch) and also because the group got so big that it took so long to go round everyone that we would get home after 8pm, having got there for 5:45pm. It was just so long and drawn out but the content was good. I have a few of the SW recipe books as my mum goes and grabs em for me. I buy the SW magazine too.A majority of the food I make is SW inspired but I never really got my head around the syns thing so just decided to loosely count calories, watch what I ate and the amount and exercised together with it. My mum is currently following the new SW SP plan and she says its good but mentioned that it talks about cutting down on yoghurt and certain fruits like bananas. She loves her narners and won’t give them up haha! I do love Slimming World and what it stands for so I am definitely an advocate for it but I have been slimming for a year and have gotten so far without going to the classes. However, I think when I plateau and stop losing weight, the classes may be a good idea to start going to, just to give me that extra boost.
      So glad you are following my journey, you really brightened my day! xxx

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      1. I’m going to do a combined response here on all the threads lol

        On the breakfast I’m definitely going to keep trying new things, I was getting so bored with the same breakfast and it’s a lot less satisfying when you do the same thing every morning. I haven’t had fruit and yogurt in ages (apart from with the oats this morning) so I’m definitely going to have it more often. I like eggs in the morning too but then I always want toast with it, I suppose I can use the healthy option B for that instead of oats.

        As for Penny’s I just googled it because I’ve actually always been curious, I knew it was a problem with the right to name but wasn’t sure which came first. SO… I found out that Pennys was the original name and the first store was actually in Dublin but JC Penny the American store have the right to that name in the UK so they called it Primark. Every day’s a school day!

        I’m glad it made it smile! I know sometimes when writing posts on here I’m not sure if anyone is actually reading them or not so I love it when people comment and seem genuinely interested and wanted to let you know yours made for great read (also helped get me through some BORING days at work haha). It’s great to find a blog that I can relate to a lot more because a lot of the recipes are slimming world friendly and with you being in the UK I actually know the shops and stuff that you’re talking about! Ye I paid for the 12 week countdown as soon as I got paid, because I’ve just moved out I’m finding I need to budget a lot more but I’ve been really bad at weighing myself every week so I thought that would help. That’s exactly what’s happened in the groups I go to, it just takes way too long because the leader goes around to everyone and the class is really busy. I think it should be an hour max otherwise your whole evening is gone. I must get myself one of the books, the online tool is great as well. Ye tbh I’m pretty bad a counting syns and like you just try and watch calories of things I know aren’t free. Ye I got the programme too but have kinda ignored the banana thing!
        Me too, it’d be nice to keep in touch and see how each other are getting on, plus I’ll definitely be watching out for your recipes!

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      2. haha fantastic! I love my toast too so understand your struggle on that one! I weigh myself the same day my mum gets weighed at SW so she asks me how I did and I’m accountable so have to tell her haha! An hour maximum would be perfect because after a full day at work, then SW, by the time you get home you’re knackered! I have the fakeaways book (which is my favourite), the 30 minute meals one and the Christmas one (which I never got round to using!) and they help me along. I also go on SW’s website and search for recipes on there, as well as a site called Slimming Eats, which is pretty good. I would definitely love to keep in touch with you to chronicle our journeys and see how each other is getting on. 🙂
        I have a few recipes in the pipeline to go up soon so keep a look out! 🙂 x

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      3. Bread is EVIL! Ye that’s great that you have the set up with your Mam and then if you’re blogging too there’s that extra accountability. Ye it would be so much better, after a long day at work sitting at my desk I just don’t want to sit still for over 2hrs, I start to zone out! I think they should pick a choose people each week and then open it up for anyone who really wants to say something too as sometimes you don’t really have anything to say. I’ve heard the fakeaways book is really good so I might try that one. Oh great I’ll check that Slimming Eats site out.
        Brilliant well I’m following your blog anyway so it’ll pop up in my reader, I need to start using my twitter and Instagram accounts more so you might see an add there soon!
        Great look forward to them, I just posted up a recipe I tried last night, the Lancaster Hotpot, it was so yummy!

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      4. It’s one of those handy dishes that you use a lot of the random bits of leftover veg for. The only thing I wouldn’t have normally was the cottage cheese, I was a bit unsure about adding that in because I’m not a massive fan but it actually added a really nice flavour to the dish! I want to try the baked cannelloni next just need to find some cannelloni tubes.


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