Guess who’s back!

My mum came back to the gym!

Pause for applause……

Moomaa is back!
Moomaa is back!

wooooooooooo!!! Yay!!!

She has had some serious back problems recently with a trapped nerve and has felt so low and fed up with herself (despite still losing weight with what little mobility she had). I got a text yesterday asking if I was going to the gym and that she said she was going because she didn’t want to ruin all her hard work.

Her back has improved massively but she still can’t lift her left arm very high so no upper body exercises were possible. We got on the treadmill and time seemed to pass in an instant.We were chatting about our day and our trials and tribulations at work and it was just..lovely.

I forgot how much I enjoyed the gym with my mum right there by my side.It made everything more fun:seriously! before I knew it we were on the bike and then when I thought she was finished,she wanted to do more!

She tried sit ups with me holding her feet and was fine.Then we did a few sat down twists with the medicine balls for our stomachs.She even went on the stomach crunch machine and whipped out a few reps! Other gym goers came up to her and told her how well she was doing on her first day back and I think it boosted her a bit.

It was that much fun we stayed an extra half an hour and so did an hour and a half all in all! I haven’t stayed that long for ages!
It really surprised me just how big an effect my mum returning would have on me and I was quite taken aback when we were leaving.I am just so happy to be sharing the gym with someone again.Of course I go for the exercise and frown on people who go just to socialise but who don’t do any real hard work (They take up all the machines but don’t actually do anything).But the social element does help it all pass easily and quickly and if you’re like me; someone who hates exercise,then this is a big deal.

She was still happy to leave the gym !













It’s a bit soppy but I love my mum and am so so so happy that she is back,with a vengeance it seems! Motivation has been given a much needed boost!




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