Weigh Day Wednesday 21.1.15

Good Morning Weight Loss Warriors!

Today I maintained my weight from last week so I am still 16 stone 4.5lb’s but that’s ok. I kind of know why and am happy I did not put weight on. Apparently its not good for you to constantly check the scales but I am only human so sometimes I feel my emotions are tied to that number I see on the scale on a Wednesday morning.BeFunky_Tintype_3.jpg

I ate more than usual over the weekend as I had Friday off work and went to a gig but this is not an excuse. I was just a bit more greedy than usual I suppose and the hubby currently has biscuits in our fridge (about 6 packs of them) and I have been having a few nibbles more than I should methinks.

I am still happy though because I feel healthier than I have ever been, my muscles hurt from exercising at the gym this week so hopefully I might finally start toning up the saggy skin that has begun to show its face on my body and I am still going in the right direction and doing the right thing overall.

It’s all about reminding myself when I don’t get the number I want, that life goes on and this is my life now, it’s not a temporary solution that I will stop doing when I get to my goal weight. This is permanent and I am ok with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a wonderful day every one, make healthy choices and enjoy being where you are in your weight loss journey right now!





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