Vary your workout

Good Morning lovelies!

Thought I would do a post for you today as I didn’t post anything yesterday but feel this topic is quite important.

If you exercise regularly,even if it’s just walking the dog or going on the bike at the gym, things can get a little stale after a while.Why not try something new in your workout routine?

Obviously if you have just started your journey and are still beginning your exercises regime, then stick by it. This is for those who have been exercising for a while and who may have become a bit complacent or bored with the same old routine.

Last night whilst at the gym, I did my usual routine; going on the bike, then rowing machine and then treadmill. It was about 55 minutes of exercise, which was enough but I just decided I wanted to do some stomach exercises but the gym was busy so I felt a little silly. I got out a mat regardless, sat down with knees bent and feet on the floor and grabbed the medicine balls, leaned back slightly and did some twists with each weight.

Different weights of medicine balls.
Different weights of medicine balls.

I did 30 of the 3kg, 40 of the 4kg and 50 of the 5kg and it was hard,very hard. However, it should be hard. For too long I have just been doing less than I am capable of doing at the gym. I think it’s because I currently don’t have a gym buddy to go with so we can push each other. My mum will be going back and my sister has mentioned she wants to go too but I took the decision to push myself a little bit and when I walked out of that gym yesterday, I felt fantastic.

I also did some other resistance exercises holding a handle attached to a weights machine. I had to stand in front of the machine, keep my arms straight and stand forward with the handle behind me with my arms down (both hands on the handle clasped together) so I’m stood with my torso twisted but feet straight forward. Then I had to twist my body, whilst keeping my arms straight whilst on the handle but rising them up and twist so the handle ended up in the air towards the other side of my body. (I struggled to explain this so may get someone to take pictures of me next time!) I did this 10 times on each side and then repeated.

I had never done this exercise before but it was something different that Danny (the instructor) suggested for my stomach. It just shows that you are so much more capable of things that you could never imagine. Yes this is only a small step but I left the gym feeling a lot more ready to get back in there the day after.

Varying your workout stops you from just going through the motions. It will also aid weight loss and fitness because your body won’t get used to the same exercise routine and will keep burning extra calories as you change it up a bit. I feel rejuvenated!

Let me know if you try something different with your workout routine; maybe I can take a leaf out of your book!




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