Skinny Jeans!

Happy Friday all!

I was browsing the internet this past week and was on the search for some decent skinny jeans.

I have tried to hold off on buying clothes for as long as possible because I fully intend to be out of these sizes and into something smaller by the year’s end. However, it’s gotten to the point where I have to buy some new clothes as my current wardrobe choices are all like potato sacks on me.

I had tabs of New Look,Boohoo,H&M, Yours Clothing and Asos Curve all open on my laptop trying to find the best jeans for the best prices. I recently sold a load of clothes on Ebay so had a bit of cash to splurge on a few key wardrobe pieces.

I bought a blazer because I have wanted one for so long and just never got round to buying one.

New Look Navy Blue Blazer size 18
New Look Navy Blue Blazer size 18













Anyway, I was searching and searching for some jeans and secretly cursed the fact that Primark don’t let you buy clothes on their website. On Wednesday I managed to get into town with half an hour before all the shops shut. I got into Primark and had a quick browse. I picked up some fleece lined leggings that I saw in one of SprinkleofGlitter’s videos on her Winter Lookbook and was so happy because I hate seeing women with see through leggings on with their knickers on show for all to see. This solves that problem but I will still cover my bum just in case!

Then I found some light blue skinny jeans reduced to £5! I couldn’t quite believe it and had to check with staff if the bigger sizes were reduced; they were so I grabbed them!

Primark Skinny Jeans Size 20
Primark Skinny Jeans Size 20













Then my sister told me she gets all her jeans from Dorothy Perkins because they fit really well,so I had a browse and they had a massive sale on. I grabbed these bad boys for less than £20 with free postage too!










She suggested that a size 18 would be good enough for me so I trusted her and went ahead with them. When I opened them I was saying to lee, ‘ oo I really don’t think I’ll get these on, they look really small’, but then they slid up my legs and I managed to get them over my bum with no real struggle. As you can see from the pictures, they are quite tight around my stomach/waist but I buttoned and zipped them up successfully. I was so happy! I did a happy dance in the living room and Lee was laughing at me. He said how proud of me he was and how far I’ve come and it really made me smile.

I know its only clothes but it just cements the fact that what I’m doing is working. Besides, it feels fab to actually be able to get in the teenies on my bottom half. I really can’t remember the last time this happened. So I shall do my happy dance all the way to the gym to get the rest of my over-belly off!




5 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans!

    1. OO what are pennys jeans? I have a pair of Primark skinny jeans that were £5 that are working as a good pair if ‘inbetween’ jeans right now. I don’t want to spend too much money in the hopes that I will slim down more this year and will be out of them as quick as I got into them! x


      1. Oh hahaha Penny’s IS Primark it’s just called Pennys in Ireland lol Ye exactly that’s how I was thinking of it too, I really want to treat myself to a nice quality pair of jeans when I’m happier with my weight, a really fitted pair!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. HAHA WHAT?!?! I never knew that! Wonder why its named different there? I know that Dorothy perkins are good quality but I found that Monsoon had lovely jeans designs with allsorts of prints on them for a quirkier style. Think when I’m an 18 I may try and squeeze a pair on! x

        Liked by 1 person

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