Weight Loss Wednesday-14/1/15.

Good Morning my lovelies, How are you all today?I hope you’re good and tackling the day with vigour!

Right today is Wednesday and those of you who are regular readers will know that it is weigh day. *queue music* DU DU DUUUUUHHHH!

Ignore the grizzly feet
Ignore the grizzly feet

I lost 3lb and a quarter, so very happy with my first loss of the new year (despite a cheeky chinese at the weekend). It’s onwards and upwards for me from here. I am aiming to have my 6 stone by the end of January which is more than doable. That’s 5lb I have to lose by then. I have a gig this Friday and then a baby shower on the 24th so I will try to be good to make sure I hit that target. 🙂

Morning frizz alert!
Morning frizz alert!

Even did a mini fist pump at my success!

How are you weight loss journeys going?Have you done anything different from last week? Let me know in the comments!




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