What is the right diet for you?-BBC2 programme

Hello there Slimmers!

I was watching this programme last night on BBC2 called What is the right diet for you?‘ and like many other weight loss programmes, I really enjoyed it.

I love watching anything that can fuel my thirst for knowledge on the subject of healthy living and weight loss.

The programme put people who have struggled with weight loss, into 3 groups based on tests they did throughout the programme to figure out what the best diet/eating plan for them should be.

There were 3 categories:

  • The Feasters-struggle to stop eating when they start
  • Constant Cravers-always want to eat
  • Emotional Eaters-Those who turn to food when stressed/anxious or depressed.

So whilst watching this programme, the cogs began turning in my head as I tried to figure out which category I might fall into. Then the programme mentioned you could take a test, so one with a thirst for knowledge, I did!

diet test

Just a note: When I first did this last night, I was 45% Feaster, 41% Constant Craver and 14% Emotional Eater, but I forgot to save the results so had to do it again this morning; so it has altered slightly as I forgot what I put.

This made me realise that basically, I just love stuffing my face at every given opportunity. I see food as something to enjoy and indulge in and not as something to purely fuel me.

I did a bit of research for both the groups I fall into and apparently a feaster needs to eat foods that will keep them full for as long as possible; so that’s a high protein, low GI diet (glycaemic index whatever that is). I should eat fish,chicken,lentils, grains and cereals but need to stay away from potatoes and bread because they do not keep you full for very long.

A constant craver always wants food so apparently the suggestion is to reduce my calorie intake to 800 calories for 2 days of the week and then eat what I want the rest of the week while still  being healthy.This is called intermittent fasting. This sounds like an absolute NIGHTMARE to me, so instead I am going to carry on as I am and maybe reduce the amount of carbs I am eating but no other major changes. I don’t think fasting for 2 days is good for anyone. It’s fine if it works for you but it’s not my sort of thing. I don’t think I could keep it up for the rest of my life anyway and it should be something doable that you can continue with in your routine.

If you’re curious about the test go to the BBC’s website (<<click the link) and let me know what you get in the comments! Also I put the link at the top of this post to watch the programme as its a good watch.

Speak soon everyone!




7 thoughts on “What is the right diet for you?-BBC2 programme

  1. Hey!

    Thanks for sharing this! I am definitely going to watch this tonight, i took the test and found out i’m 78% a constant craver. Trying to lose weight is so difficult so finding the right diet that suits and WORKS for you is crucial.

    Good luck!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww brilliant glad you took the test hun! It’s hard when all you want to do is eat haha; food is always on my mind, its on my mind right now! I’m thining about what to make for tea tonight and its not even 9am! hope you enjoy the programme xx


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