Ryvita Thins-A Snacker’s Dream

Does anyone else eat Ryvitas? I got these beauties from Poundland of all places the other day and they are delicious! (Please note, no one has asked me to write this post and I am not being paid to write this, this is from my own experience of eating Ryvitas.)


You get 10 crackers for 80 Calories so its pretty generous and they definitely satisfy that snacking craving in me. They come with a resealable sticker to encourage you NOT to scoff them all at once. The sweet chilli is not overpowering and it isn’t until you have eaten a good few that you get the kick of chilli. It’s a very subtle flavour, so if you were wanting to spread cheese on, then I would say these are perfect for that. I just scoffed them on my own though as I just could not wait!

It’s not often I shop in Poundland but it’s sometimes good to see what foodie bargains you can grab. I know they have a lot of Weight Watchers foods in there if anyone is wanting that sort of thing. If you local Poundland doesn’t stock these, you can also get them from Asda but they’re more expensive.

Let me know if any of you enjoy a good Ryvita or what your alternatives are for snacks to keep you going through the day.




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