Gym session complete!

Well here I am after my gym session! I have to say it NEVER gets any easier going to the gym.I’m fine when I’m there,it’s just getting there that’s the problem. I reason with myself about why I should go and not go straight home and most of the time I do end up at the gym.I just need to keep on top of my demons. This time I was more than ready to tackle them!

This is my 'I AM READY' face.
This is my ‘I AM READY’ face.

Anyway, I would’ve thought that there would be masses of people and that I’d get frustrated with waiting to get on machines but when I got there, it was just the same old faces. It was so welcoming and so lovely to see everyone and this instantly put me at ease. I got on with my workout and burnt 300 calories in just over 20 minutes on the treadmill. Then I did 1000 metres on the rower and jumped on the bike for 6km (took about 20 minutes). Then I did 3 sets of 10 sit up repetitions with the medicine balls to tone my tummy. Then to finish off I jumped back on the rower and did 500 metres. All in all, I did just over an hour of exercise which was more than enough for me.

As I left, I was greeted with the stairs.










They felt like fluffy clouds to me as I floated out of the building on an endorphin high. That feeling you get after exercise cannot be beaten. It truly feels amazing to work out some of the day’s stresses. When I got outside, this was my view:










It felt so calm and serene at night time. It added to my calm and I just took a moment to fully experience the after-effects that the gym had on me.

Tip if you suffer from anxiety: The gym/exercise helps alleviate the day’s stresses massively. All that adrenalin and stress is used when exercising, so if you have a decent workout, when you leave, you genuinely feel on a high. It’s a natural calmer and relaxer I find, so I definitely recommend it for anyone who struggles to switch off after a hard day’s work.

I will be back at the gym today after work and plan on fully utilising my will power to make sure I begin to step it up and keep challenging myself. Fingers Crossed! If anyone has any workout tips or if you want to share your gym experiences,leave a comment, I’m interested to see what others do for exercise and what tips I can get!




2 thoughts on “Gym session complete!

  1. well done you! I HATE the gym – I know no-one is really looking and judging, but I always feel like they are, I hate walking in there and everyones eyes on you in the mirror. I need to start going again, just trying to get up the courage!


    1. I must admit that if it was one of these bigger gyms like DW Sports or JJB, I wouldn’t still be going. I still go to mine partly because my little gym has no contract so you’re not tied in, it’s only £15 a month and also because there arent really that many people who go and there aren’t any of those wannabes who go just to take photos of themselves to pretend they are exercising haha.I take pictures but I show myself in all my sweaty disgusting glory haha. x It’s hard, it really is but you just have to tell yourself that you can prove all those eyes wrong and go and mentally stick two fingers up to everyone there.

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