Back to the Gym

Ok, so today after work is the first day back at the gym since 23rd December when it shut for Christmas.


Now some people would have kept on with the exercise over the holidays to try and keep up their momentum. I went for a really long walk with my mum once..and that was it.

So I have tried not to dread today’s visit to the gym too much but I know I will be more tired than usual for the first few weeks back to get back into a routine of going a few times a week. One thing I am not looking forward to is having less me time again because its filled with gym visits. I suppose the bigger picture trumps everything else though right?

One thing which I have not experienced before and am pretty certain I will tonight, is the inevitable crowd of ‘January Gym Goers’ who will be motivated for the first few weeks but may fall by the wayside come February. Now, I’m not one to judge as this time last year, I was one of these people so am all for anyone wanting to improve their fitness. I’ll just have to get used to waiting to get on machines for a while and because its only a tiny gym in a school, this could be a bit of an issue.

Anyway, I will document my first gym session after Christmas either later this evening or tomorrow for your reading pleasure. If I can do it discreetly, I will take some pictures so you all get to see my sweaty face! 😉

Speak soon Weight Loss Warriors! Remember, if you believe you can do it, you can achieve it!




2 thoughts on “Back to the Gym

    1. haha I’m glad my face made ya laugh 😉 I definitely felt better for going, walked out of there on an endorphin high afterwards. So glad I just bucked up and went. If you’re ready to go then I hope you get there on Thursday. Let me know how it goes if you decide to go!


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