Monsoon do plus size!

Morning all. I had a mini revelation yesterday when I went shopping to Junction 32 with Lee (the other half).

I went on the hunt for some new work trousers as all mine are ridiculously big now and look like a sack on me. I looked in all the usual places where I knew they did plus size clothes and didn’t find anything.

Lee then suggested Monsoon as we were walking past it.I said that I doubted they did plus size clothing because it just looked like one of those shops for tiny people.

Monsson logo




We went in anyway and started looking at the sale rack to see what we could find. To my shock there were size 18,20 and 22 trousers there waiting for me; I couldn’t believe it! There was one particular pair that Lee picked out that were black with a slight shimmer print all over them; they were ideal for work. I rushed into the changing room with both a 20 and a 22 as I didn’t know how generous Monsoon’s sizing would be. I went for the 20 as I was feeling confident and got them on straight away! I zipped up and looked in the mirror and down at my legs and they were too short. Gutted was an understatement.

So I went home without any work trousers and a bag full of makeup to console myself (seen as naughty food wasn’t an option). Lee said that he wished I would’ve come out and shown him because he thinks that with how big I used to be, that I have a warped way of how clothes should fit me.I told him that they were brushing my ankles and shouldn’t have been as they were bootcut. Anyway, I resorted to altering a pair of work trousers that I had and must have taken off 4 inch altogether. They don’t look brilliant but they will do until I can buy some. This is how they looked before I altered them to show my weight loss.

Just a bit baggy
Just a bit baggy














So if anyone knows of anywhere that has size 20 black work trousers on offer, let me know as I am in desperate need!




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