In need of a new wardrobe!

I was having one of those moments this morning where I could just not find anything to wear.

You know what happens.You open your wardrobe,look at what you have and basically have a strop that nothing looks right on you.

Well,although my weight loss has been fantastic and I am in no way ungrateful,it has created another problem. None of my clothes fit me anymore.A lot of them have gone beyond the point of wearing them if they’re just a bit baggy because they are actually MASSIVE now.

I had to throw away my favourite pair of pink skinny jeans today because they are just too big.

That was a sad moment.

The neck hole in tshirts slip off my shoulder and I get a saggy pouch in my lady area when I’ve got my skinny jeans on,or any trousers for that matter. I wouldn’t mind if I could afford to buy loads of new clothes but I can’t. I’ve had one clear out of all the clothes that don’t fit me and I need to do it again but am running out of things to wear.

I wish I had enough money to buy smaller clothes but at the minute I’m walking round in saggy potato sacks with baggy bras and loose tops.I look ridiculous!

No one tells you that when you have a big loss,you will be stuck with the bill for a new wardrobe. I have a sewing machine and have basic sewing skills but you can only alter a pair of work trousers so many times before its time to buy new.

I guess I will have to deal with this issue and hopefully slowly build a new slimmer wardrobe over time. Mind you,depending on how well this year goes for weight loss,I could be in the same position this time next year and in need of another slimmer wardrobe!

Here’s hoping,sort of.




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